I'm Here With Magazine Issue 1 - Page 56

I'm Here With Magazine

Christian Hudson

5. Where do you want to see yourself in this music industry in 5 years? What are your goals?

Within 5 years, I hope to have extended a fan base across my own continent.

6. What do you write your songs about?

Everything from sweatpants to funerals.

7. How does the process of making a song happen for you?

My favorite method is finding a catchy melody and merging it with a universally relatable concepts. The tough part is taking a subject everyone can relate to and reinventing it, avoiding the cliché and unremarkable lines.

8. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

My mother knows everything about Isis.

9. Who are your favorite bands?

The Wombats and Scott Helman.

10. What’s your life like now? Are you doing music full-time now?

Life can’t seem to make its mind up. Some days are as laid back as they could possibly be while others are almost as insane as I am. Playing music full-time has left my schedule looking as messy as my room.

11. What is your music style would you say in your words.

Since I’ve thrived off of cover contests and musical competitions, I have yet to produce a record and determine my niche, but I’m expecting it to be a very acoustic/pop oriented sound.

12. What’s your favorite cover to play?

Budapest – George Ezra

13. What is your favorite food and your style?

I love any type of seafood.