I'm Here With Magazine Issue 1 - Page 55

1. When was the first time you starting playing music?

Though I’ve owned a guitar for years, performing with it never became a desire until the boredom inflicted from my first real job after high school drove me to explore the open mic scene in the city. I was a fresh 18 and as ignorant as could be. I was awful at first, but I loved it.

2. Who inspired you to do so?

Both the boredom and a good friend who recommend the Open Mic.

3. When did you first start taking music as a profession?

After the timing of the Stampede Talent Show forcing me to quit my job due to time conflicts, the success of the event offered the attention I needed to start a little career.

4. What was it like winning the talent contest, how did you get in and what happened when you won?

After having to spend the previous night sleeping on the streets winning the contest took my emotions to the other end of the spectrum. It felt extremely surreal, mostly due to the other talents I was surrounded by. The 3rd place recipient had been an old friend and had mentioned the contest months before. Thanks to some of the people who had taken care of me during the week, I decided to donate the $10,000 prize purse to Calgary’s Homeless Shelter.

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By Jordan Gooden