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ulie Alnahas is a Syrian -Brazilian filmmaker who has been writing scripts and performing in Arabic TV shows for over the past decade. She has performed on stage in over 35 countries, dancing and singing. Six years ago she has made Calgary, Canada her home. In 2013 Zulie created her show Go Fish and it has now taken off for her! Go Fish is a comedy series which supports Calgary, the show gave almost 100 roles to indie actors and crew, under her production company, Go Fish Ltd. Zulie’s original show, most recently had won for best Cinematography at the LANFA awards in September of 2015. ‘Go Fish’ is based loosely on events in her personal life, other people around her, and expresses it through the lens of her humor. It’s a light-hearted look at achieving one’s goals and desires, no matter what problems may come your way. The story line follows the lives of 5 girlfriends that live together.

Zulie's ideas, productions, and many of her scene arrangements are comparable in quality to Hollywood productions, which is amazing because she doesn’t watch TV. This fact has resulted in earning 5 nominations and 2 awards for Go Fish season one. Recently Zulie has become involved with the theatre production ‘Vizard’, by Olga Sem, as one of the stars of the show. The Go Fish production company has also been approached to take on ‘Vizard’ for an international tour starting in 2017. Zulie is also featuring a film in the 2016 Calgary International Film Festival, which already garnered attention and the respect of Global News, featuring her and her film ‘The Past’.

This year she has been very busy traveling to LA multiple times and putting out her first single and music video on Vevo called, Be My Love Forever. She is in the works for doing another music video and completing her debut album. She helps many charities and supports a handful of the Go Fish crew who are a part of the second season, and they have all recently been a part of all her projects.

Zulie is like a Penelope Cruz type, a sexy foreign artist who is good hearted and respected. This Beautiful soul and talent is on her way up and quickly!


Go Fish Creator and Star is a known face in Calgary and is now everywhere! Season One of her comedy series has hit Amazon Prime in 14 Countries!


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