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I'm Here With Magazine


Mark Critch is a Newfoundland Canadian Celebrity. He was originally a writer for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

He is now one of the stars, after two appearances in the 10th season and recurring in Seasons 11 and 12. He has also been a guest on CBC Radio One's Madly Off in All Directions, the CBC Television show Republic of Doyle and is the host of CBC TV's Halifax Comedy Festival. He plays the recurring role of Gary Breakfast on the CTV sitcom Satisfaction. Mark has also appeared in several films, including The Grand Seduction, Anchor Zone, Rare Birds, and Above and Beyond. He is amazing at doing impressions of many Celebrities and Politicians. There is almost nothing Mark can't get away with on TV because he is so hilarious. He had a blast presenting at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards.

Mr. Calgary

Jeff Wilkie is Mr. Calgary; He White Hat's some of the coolest Celebrities who come through Calgary, Alberta. After getting handed the reigns to the Mr. Calgary brand from the former Mr. Calgary, Jeff, he takes it very seriously. He attends many events and tries to help others get in the loop and support as well! Many of us

don't know what he does for work other than lending a hand to those who ask. He is a friend to many and a acquaintance to everyone in the yyc socialite circle.