I'm Here With Magazine Issue 1 - Page 15

It was back in the summer of 2015 when we met with YouTube sensation

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy. We talked with her about her beginnings in the

entertainment industry and how she came to create her first YouTube

webseries “The Bridget Linden Show”.

Up until late 2011, Carolyn worked as a personal injury paralegal before she

began her transition into entertainment. A friend encouraged her to look into

acting because of her personality, sense of humor, and comedic timing. He

put her in contact with another actress in Calgary, who kindly provided her

with a few contacts in the local film and television industry. With these new

insights and her sheer determination, Carolyn now had the right footing to

start her new path and begin pursuing her dream.

In early 2012, with little training or experience, Carolyn decided to get her

comedic talent onto film by creating a bunch of skits about a 30 something

single woman exploring new life experiences on her own and giving advice

and encouragement to others. Bridget Linden was born – a one woman

show that Carolyn wrote, produced, directed and acted in on her own.

Carolyn has created 125 episodes of “The Bridget Linden Show” to date,

which have collectively had about 700,000 views and 1,200 subscribers to

her channel.

Although she began filming “Bridget Linden” with little experience or

training, Carolyn has since invested greatly in her training as an actor and

filmmaker by taking classes in all aspects of filmmaking, studying with her

regular acting coach, practicing in her home studio, and taking an intensive

director/producer apprenticeship.

When we last met with Carolyn she was in the process of writing and

producing a brand new webseries “Danger Pay”, which is a complete

departure from “The Bridget Linden Show”. It’s a comedy webseries about

a woman, Michelle Scott, who accepts a job that pays more than usual to

work for a bizarre lawyer and endures the lawyer’s antics so she can afford

to pursue her dreams. Since our first meeting she has filmed the first 2

episodes of “Danger Pay” and the first episode has already been released.

We can’t wait to see more of this series and how Michelle navigates

everything that her eccentric boss throws at her. Carolyn has written a story

arc for 26 episodes over 2 seasons, so there is already plenty to look forward


Never idle, Carolyn has also co-written and co-produced, together with

actress Saleste Mele, another new webseries, a sketch comedy series called

“WBFTV Comedy” (Women Being Funny TV). The first episode of

“WBFTV Comedy” is called “Elaine’s World” and was released on

December 22, 2015. It is a parody of the popular Saturday Night Live skit

"Wayne's World". Carolyn is a huge fan of comedy and SNL in particular.

Elaine’s World takes a look at what it might have been like if "Wayne &

Garth" had been girls, and includes an interview with a special guest and a

Top 10 List. You can check out this hilarious video on YouTube:

https://youtu.be/lKx-RI1Si64. As with “Danger Pay”, more episodes of

WBFTV Comedy are in development and filming continues. Future skits

will feature different characters and situations – some original and some