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They promote and preserve habitats for both plants and animals. They work to raise funds and awareness to support all of the above causes plus others. The club, which was organized in 1933 and federated in 1937, has changed the face of Glasgow for the better over time. “This club has been long-going and has had many, many special projects through the years – particular projects they’ve had forever and a day.” GGC GLASGOW MUNICIPAL CEMETERY The Glasgow Garden Club has planted numerous trees, shrubs and flowers at the Glasgow Municipal Cemetery through the club’s almost 80 years of existence. “Over the years, we have planted a ton of trees in the cemetery.” GGC When the members first began working at the cemetery, many brought their spouses along to help. “I have been told the garden club ladies would come with their husbands and they would do the heavy work there at the entrance to the cemetery. Over time, I think that kind of dwindled. The women who did it kind of got older and petered out.” GGC Now, the women work primarily with the flowers at the entrance to the cemetery. Bright yellow mums were added last fall, but they also recently planted new lavender lilac trees and plan to add a pink tulip magnolia to the area soon. The club accepts donations for the upkeep of the cemetery entrance and that helps defray the costs. GLASGOW HIGHLAND GAMES The Glasgow Highland Games will celebrate its 30th year in 2016 and the Glasgow Garden Club will be there providing table arrangements with appropriate plant species sometimes in- cluding thistle, the floral emblem of Scotland. Clan members from the United States, Canada, the British Isles and elsewhere gather at Barren River Lake Resort Park each year the weekend following Memorial Day to renew old acquaintances and make new friends and many in Glasgow and Barren County work hard to make them feel welcome, including the garden club. “Primarily, what the club does is it takes flowers from our yards and cuttings from our greenery and they converge on the lodge and do the arrangements for the tables. Over the years, some of us had to go out into the community and ‘pick those daisies’. We raided everybody’s little stretches.” GGC GARDEN THERAPY The club has a project called Garden Therapy, which is done at local skilled nursing facilities. Members alternate between each facility, trying to visit each place at least twice a year. Everyone who is on the committee cuts flowers from their yards every month and they go to the nursing home and the staff brings the residents down to the common area. If a resident can physically put the flowers in a vase, they do. If they cannot do it on their own, the garden club member will fill the vase for them and then everyone takes the flowers back to their rooms. “If there are any vases left over of flowers we’ve made, then the nursing staff will take them to the residents’ rooms who don’t get visitors. So that is one [project] we are very, CONTINUED ON PAGE 11 Glasgow-Barren County, Kentucky: Illuminated 9