Illuminated - Glasgow Barren County 2016 - Page 39

Shindig on the Square is back in 2016 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 23 “We open up the doors for free movies that night, something family friendly,” she said. “Especially if it’s hot, it’s kind of nice to get in somewhere cool.” The films ran in three loops, and she said the total attendance was just more than 300 people, for an average of 100 per sitting. Although the cartoons are free those evenings, some of the adults in the families that came in were from the generation when the Plaza was closed, so they didn’t grow up with it as THE place to go for movies, so the shindigs introduce both them and their children to the venue. “It gives them an opportunity to come and see this, and then they do come back for other things,” Glodfelter said. She said the Plaza absolutely plans to p