Illuminated - Glasgow Barren County 2016 - Page 35

$35,000 in youth scholarships over the years. One of the recipients of those scholarships now bowls professionally. Joshua Berry, 32, has been bowling since he was 4 and has been working at Highlander Bowl on and off since he was 14. Berry has competed at the U.S. Open and USBC Masters in New Jersey, and recently placed in the Top 8 at the Bradley Open in Lexington. Berry said he truly enjoys working at Highlander Bowl. “It’s great being able to be around something I love every day,” he said. Berry said when he was 13, he would have to travel to Bowling Green because there was not enough interest in Glasgow for a bowling league. “The Caldwells got the youth bowling going strong again.” F Glasgow-Barren County, Kentucky: Illuminated 35