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Highland Games bring musical couple together CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19 Surrounded by rolling, tree-covered hills, the 51-room lodge, overlooks the beautiful 10,000-acre lake. Or perhaps a private cottage or a campground are more to your liking. There is so much to keep the family or meeting group entertained during your visit to Barren River Lake State Resort Park •Driftwood Restaurant •Hiking and Biking Trails •18-Hole Golf Course •Horseback Riding •Basketball & Volleyball •Marina •Fishing •Playgrounds •Swimming Pool •Meeting Rooms •Campground •Wedding Venues •Shuffleboard •Tennis •Geocaching 1149 State Park Rd. Lucas, KY • 270-646-2151 • “the nation’s finest” Barren Illuminated Guide qtrpg 316.indd 1 3/7/2016 3:28:22 PM 20 Glasgow-Barren County, Kentucky: Illuminated Barren County may be quite a bit different than Scotland or Africa, but Hazel Johnson has found a kinship with the community and with the peaceful country setting of Hiseville. “I’ve traveled everywhere. I’ve been all around the world. I’m ready to just sit back and not go anywhere,” she said. Rural living provides ample space for the musicians to play their instruments, as pipes are notoriously loud. “On a good day, you can hear them 8 miles away,” Cutcliff said. He’s no stranger to big performances either, as Nashville Pipes and Drums have recorded with Amy Grant, performed in concert with Michael W. Smith and played at events hosted by Billy Graham. “The one constant for me has always been the music,” Cutcliff said. The couple share musical interests. Johnson and Cutcliff have joined forces with Dave Foster to form the band BarrenHart, as Foster lives in Hart County and Johnson and Cutcliff in Barren County. In addition to Cutcliff again serving as the drum major for the Highland Games, a performance will also be held during the festival by BarrenHart. The Highland Games serves as the genesis of the couple’s relationship, and it’s also a foundation in their acquaintance with southcentral Kentucky. “People who go to Highland Games are some of the most wonderful people,” Cutcliff said. But when they aren’t performing, the couple enjoys escaping the hustle and bustle that city life can bring by spending time at their home. “We like our place away from everything,” Johnson said. A sizable garden is harvested by the couple to provide vegetables. Horses, a donkey, parrots, a cat, a dog and a friendly snake are among the animals that call the couple’s home their home. Among her many skills, Johnson has worked as a dog groomer. Her love for cats is reflected in the decorative pieces she makes that are displayed on window sills. You can look almost anywhere on their property and find handmade crafts created by Johnson and Cutcliff. Inside the couple’s adjoining shop is a restored antique stove that not only heats the space but doubles as a stovetop where meals can be prepared. The stove was refurbished by Cutcliff, as working with steel and wood are family traits passed down by his father and grandfather. Their house is full of reminders of Celtic culture from the faces of ancient gods hung on the walls to the sword that completes Cutcliff’s performance outfit. As passionate as they are about music, they are also in love with their Barren County home. “This is our little piece of heaven,” Cutcliff said. F