Illinois Entertainer July 2017 - Page 8

Continued from page 6 Ali ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER: Your older brother Duncan is singing lead for the sec- ond version of UB40. And you said that one day you just got tired of hearing him murdering your songs, right? Dark Side – but you can see ‘em on YouTube, and it’s knuckle-bitingly embar- rassing. It makes me angry, because every- where that they go, we have to then go back again and give people the real deal. They’ve been going all over Holland recently, So I’m going to the Hague in a couple of days to do a big show there. But really, the fans have voted with their feet – we’re playing for 11,000 people at our shows, and they’re doing maybe 900. So it’s a very long, slow death for them, while we’re enjoying a Renaissance, basically. UB40 Circa 1981 IE: Do you remember the moment when you finally had enough? AC: Well, yes. It was when A 7G&FV6FV@~( ##pĒ4$TâRv27F2( Цg&BFRF&6FR26FVFW( &R7FFW&r&VBFR6VG'FWfrW2BF6W"6w2'fW6ǒ'WBVFW( &R7FW&FW"ЦrWfW'6rWfW"FBB( 7FG'ЦrF6fRFRVv7bFR&BpvF7G&B֖6WBF22W fW'FFW"bW&6FR7BGvV'26֖rW6v^( &RF&P&6&FrFR&VFV&FW"FVRfrFƗ7FVFvB6ǐFW67&&R2&B&R&B@&&( 2Bג&B( 2^( 2vFFPƖ6VFW'FW"6Vǒ#pFRB֖6WRB֖6WVg@RV'2vr&V6W6RvRFF( BvW@vFW"vVVBBFVFPwW2FBvW&RVgBvVBFR6FRbFPvVVBv67FF( BVFW"Ч7FBFVvV7G&6RFPB֖6WvRvFVBFRBfW'fW'6V"FBF2v2ƒ7G&@֖6W( 2T#C&V6W6RG'Vǒ&VƖWfPFBvBגFW"'&FW"GV60Fr2FW7G&rFRVv7bFR&BWfW'vW&RFWvN( 2ƖR66&6V@V'FƖ7औS6&7F2Bf֖ǒ&WV2W7@&RvF&R3N( 27FfW'7&W2@fV( BFƶVBFbFV66RFVञ( fRvBFW"FW"'&FW"FfBv266֖rFB^( 2FRVB6vW"`FR&B6FW( &RWBbFV"gV6p֖G2גF( BrvN( 0vrFWvW&RFrW2F6W'B'WBFB6( B6RFFr&V6W6PFWfV( BvBVrF7FB6FN( 06'BbW7BGvFVB6v^( &RW7B6''Цr&66ǒBv^( fRvBw&V@Wr'V6֖rWBVfW'6W@fV''V'BN( 2FR&W7BFr( fRFP#RV'2( '6WFVǒfrBB666fVǒ6FB( fRvBFRGFW7@&VvvR&BFR&BFRv&B@FRVBऔSBRfRWr( VVvvVN( Ц'VWBvF( w&VFW7BG>( &W0F633VBN( 2vBFBv2ƖP