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By David Gedge FLY LIKE AN EAGLE PRS Super EAGLE II Day of The Eagle The Sequel PRS Super Eagle II It’s no secret that John Mayer’s main guitar for The Dead & Company tour was the PRS Super Eagle that launched last spring. During the 2016 tour, PRS made Mayer a second version of that instrument with some updated woods and aesthetic appointments. Mayer played the Super Eagle II on the very last show of the 2016 tour and is continuing to play it for The Dead & Company 2017 summer tour. PRS and Mayer are excited to offer this new The Private Stock Super Eagle II is a high- version, the Super Eagle II, to fans and col- end instrument that reveres the history of guitar-making and guitar tone but pushes lectors. “Just like with the first edition Super the boundaries of materials, design, and Eagle, you’re literally getting the same gui- craftsmanship. The resulting instrument tar that is in John’s rig. It’s been an honor embodies the PRS Private Stock culture of to help create a tool that John can use to meticulous workmanship as well as work with Dead & Company and Mayer’s keen eye for playability, tone, and detail. beyond,” said Paul Reed Smith. Like other PRS Private Stock instru- Some of the specifications Mayer and Smith collaborated on for this special run ments, the Super Eagle II will be limited to of instruments include a longer scale 120 instruments. Full specifications are length of 25.375”, specially-wound 58/15 available at JM treble and bass pickups with a special- ly-wound Narrowfield JM pickup in the Fender Fighter middle position (with Supro USA 1685RT Neptune three individual coil- Reverb Amp tap mini-switches), a Supro USA is now JCF Audio preamp shipping the 1685RT Neptune with treble boost, as Reverb amplifier: a 25W, 2x12 well as a hand-signed combo amp created in sticker in the f-hole of response to artist and backline the guitar that was requests for a Supro amp with designed by Mayer’s Supro USA 1685RT Neptune Reverb a pair of 12" speakers and friend David Smith spring reverb. Developed in (who also designed the cover art for partnership with SIR, the USA's largest Mayer’s 2012 Born and Raised album). The backline rental company, the Supro pickups deliver a bright, clear tone that has Neptune amplifier is a loud, clear answer been heard in venues across the USA in to the Fender Twin and the Vox AC-30. Mayer’s recent performances with the The Neptune's microphone-friendly Grateful Dead. midrange is largely derived from its vin- Some new woods and aesthetic choices tage-correct, 25W, Class-A power section. were also selected for the Super Eagle II, It is this unique, "self-biasing" power amp including a one piece Private Stock curly that holds the key to the vintage Supro maple back, African blackwood finger- sound. The Neptune Reverb's remarkably board and headstock veneer, paua birds low noise floor makes this amp perfect for and a green ripple abalone 12th fret violin live performance at any volume. Even bird and Private Stock eagle, as well as a when pushed hard, the Neptune's power new color: Hemp Green. section overdrives with a distinctive clari- Continued on page 54 62 july 2017