Illinois Entertainer July 2017 - Page 60

P E T E B E R W I C K Continued from page 38 quicker and easily available. I don’t know if CDs matter anymore. I think people by CDs at the gigs for memories and then they get home and they dump it in their computers and put it in their digital players. I think music is impor- tant, I think videos are important and I think a good song is important. They want to hear good songs instantly. I don’t think that it’s totally gone, but I think that the day of the CD is getting farther and farther behind us. Mosh: What’s ahead for Dirge Within? Shaun Glass: We want to do more shows, keep the social media presence and get some new music out there. Most people have discovered us from Facebook or are rediscovering us from the albums that are online. There seems to be a good word of mouth happening and a nice slow build has resurfaced. Hopefully, people find us through social media. I’d say once we start playing out again, starting in August, then we’ll see how it goes. Dirge Within appears 8/5 at Route 20 Outhouse, Sturtevant, Wisconsin/ MOSH-WORTHY RELEASES: Byzantine The Cicada Tree (Metal Blade Records), Doyle As We Die (Monsterman Records), Barb Wire Dolls Rub My Mind (Motörhead Music). MOSH-WORTHY…LIVE: Wednesday 13, Once Human, Gabriel And The Apocalypse (Wire Music, 07/13), Starkill (Reggies Music Joint, 07/23), Hirax, Destructor, Rhythm Of Fear, Sacred Leather, Wrath, Malas (Reggies Rock Club, 07/29). MENTION-WORTHY: SoCal progressive black- ened death metal outfit Witch Casket is set to release their brutal-yet-catchy debut full- length release, Hatred Index, later this year. Be on the look out for this one! Follow us on Twitter @ie_entertainer SAT JULY 8 • 4:00 PM -- 7:00 PM CHOPPERS 26735 IL-173 • ANTIOCH 847-838-1230 FRI IN JULY • 4:00 PM - MIDNIGHT THE VILLAGE SQUIRE 125 WASHINGTON • WEST DUNDEE 847-428-4483 SUN JULY 16 • 10:00 AM --NOON THE LODGE 899 MAIN ST. • ANTIOCH 847-224-259 MONDAYS IN JULY 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM POTBELLY 700 N. MILWAUKEE VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS 262-842-0246 TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS IN JULY 11:30 AM -- 1:30 PM POTBELLY 1519 S. RANDALL RD. ALGONQUIN, ILLINOIS 847-458-1775 THURSDAYS IN JULY 7:00 PM --10:00 PM CUDA'S BAR & GRILL 27045 GRASS LAKE RD. ANTIOCH, ILLINOIS 224-788-9145 BINGO NIGHT & COMEDY WITH CO-HOST JULIE HEEREN FRIDAYS IN JULY 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM POTBELLY 6641 GRAND AVE. GURNEE, ILLINOIS 847-855-7415 Albums and updated live dates: 60 july 2017