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Working with Illinois musicians, bands, and businesses in the music industry since 2000. * Copyright * Trademark * Partnership Agreements * Entity formations * Licensing Agreements * Publishing Agreements * Contracts * Dispute Resolution. Mention this Ad and receive a free initial consultation. (630) 852-2529, (312) 307-4662 Chicago • Downers Grove, [150] 156 Guitar Lessons BECOME A MASTER ON THE GUITAR Professional Guitarist Kevin M. Buck has limited opening for guitar Mon-Thurs in Lockport. He will teach you, the student - what he/she wants to learn. 708- 655-3882. Email: [156] 158 Vocal Lessons TAMARA ANDERSON PROGRESSIVE SINGING TECHNIQUES Voice Teacher, specializing in contemporary styles of music—Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Punk, R&B, Motown, Country, Folk, Jazz and Musical Theater, coaching in voice-overs, jingles and motivational public speaking. Tamara’s students include finalists on American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Rock Star and America’s Next Big Band. Her students are recording and touring artists who have been signed with Decaydance, Fueled by Ramen, IRIS Records, RCA, Sony, Atlantic, Jive and A&M. She coaches Dove Award winners, Grammy contenders, WAMI. Tamara’s students have performed in the largest music and the best known clubs around the world. Several of her students are in leading roles - on television, films and Broadway Musicals. Others have become YouTube sensations and Reverb Nation’s Top 40 Underground Artists as well as Chicago radio station’s KISS FM Fantabuloso winners (2013 winner and 1st runner-up). Tamara has an extensive and ongoing education in several teaching methods, enabling her to pinpoint struggles while developing the uniqueness in each vocalist. She teaches the techniques needed for a confident and healthy vocal performance, both mentally and physically. Teaching one-on- one, entire bands, and Progressive Singing Workshops Master Classes, Tamara welcomes new students of all ages and experience levels— from beginners to touring professionals. Tamara also teaches beginning acoustic guitar and beginning piano, giving students a solid and strong foundation for her students to build upon. Studios are located in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, and Skype lessons are also available. visit Email: Phone: cell (847) 533-5548; home studio (847) 546-5548 [158] 170 Photography Video PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO Bands,groups,solo entertainers- Franklin Park studio or location (indoor/outdoor). CDs/photos - BW/Color - days , evenings, week- ends - Excalibur cars available. 708- 410-2925. [170] 200 Recording SONGWERKS Multimedia AWARD WINNING: (Western Suburbs) REHEARSAL, RECORDING, MIXING (also 5.1 Surround) & SONG MASTERING, Live and In House Soundstage, Video Production. www.SongWer ˘BۙN M KLMM[XZ[ۙ\XZ[ BQHPԑSQS‘ԈPTH\XYY[”XKX[H\]Y \[Bۙ][ۋ LL H YB\\Y[\Z\]Z[XKB\]\[YXˈ\X܈\X\YY[[[Y\܂X\[MM N M ML̍[X]HY\YH H\[\ۛǨ BLZX\[XBL ԕUTSZX\[XH ܛY\HY]^ H H]B[[[Y[X\K[\Y[XKXXHXH HB []\ ^\H L KMM ^ H܈Z]][[ MNKB ̌LBSQS™YH[۝X\B܂[۝ ][[۝ [X^[]ۙ[B][ۋ[[۝[[ۋX\[XI [ZHY[[X[YKYHKBK˛\\XY˘H ]\ L I L[KB LKM KML͎ M L܈ KML͎ BM X[YYB˝X[^KȞLBTHRPTS܂]Y][ۜ ZX\[ˈ[\]YH H ]HH]YKKXZ\[ۚ]ܜ[XXYK]H[[[Y QH\[\˜[[ܙK˘XY]\XܙZX\[ B H M ̌LBԕPTS[ZX\[XKH[XHBH[۝ XXH \H^H B^\HYZˈ^H\Y\[B[ H[[H[ X\HY[ۘX[H\XKY[\YBK[\]X\XKYB[[Z\[X] ٙ\[ۘ[[ٚ[[[\˂X\H[]]YH\[ˈ[ N  L L ̌LBӑT][[YYXHUTSSΈ \\X\BRPTS PԑSRVS [ KH\[ H ӑPTTS]H[[\B[YKY[”X[ۋ˔ۙ\˘BۙN M KLMM[XZ[ۙ\XZ[ BTQSQT”RPTSPBSӕHRPTSPTΈ TPTPTUHSKBTTSSRT PU PTQSKUTPPS S“UԒU SBTPHSSS“PPSTQBTST SԑK˓UQPԖKBL M Y\[]