Illinois Entertainer July 2017 - Page 57

Continued from page 24 ble-gold awards earned by the classy Mustaine wine that he and his wife launched three years ago, in honor of his playing a tuxedo-swank concert with the San Diego Symphony, “My wife said, ‘Why don’t you make something that would help both worlds – the metal com- munity and the classical community – con- nect?’” he remembers of a project that led to a new vintage called She-Wolf. “So my wife is the brains behind our wine – I’m the taste buds. And the wine was a complete success.” And it got him thinking – why not try his hand at beer, too? He tested out several different breweries, until he finally – and wisely – settled on posh Unibroue up in Quebec, home to strong concoctions like Maudite and La Fin Du Monde. “And now our beer is one of their top three beers right now,” its creator enthuses. “It’s gone from being a brand-new beer to being one of their top sellers, and it’s already won a gold medal up there. There’s a beer chart for ratings, and Iron Maiden’s Trooper beer showed up on there, and I believe it got a 40.” He guffaws. “But our A Tout Le Monde got a 93! You can really taste the difference in its quality.” So life is good for Dave Mustaine, He’s been jamming – and hanging out with – some cool session cats in Nashville, and he’s been befriended by Music Row leg- ends like Naomi Judd and her husband Steve Warriner, who actually attended his birthday party last September. (“Country royalty sitting around on my porch! Who’da thunk it?” he laughs.) And he’s doing his best to let his daughter Electra find her own voice, laissez-faire, as she’s getting ready to record her all-important debut disc. “I usually don’t give her advice unless she asks for it, and even then it’s pretty short,” he allows. “They say that the attention spans of teenage kids now are around that of a goldfish, supposedly seven seconds. So I try to do these advice bursts in seven-second intervals.” He pauses, gulping. “Uh-oh. Electra’s across the room, giving me the death look right now. I think this might be my last-ever interview!” Although Mustaine claims that he’s fig- ured out the ins and outs of Megadeth’s celebrity, every once in a while, he admits, he screws up on that of other stars. Like the time this year when he was strolling through LAX and came face to face with one of his own heroes, imposing UK actor Vinnie Jones, of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels renown. “Nobody really impresses me enough to approach someone, but with him, I actually walked up and said, ‘Hey, dude – can I take your picture?’ And he goes, ‘Aww…okay,’” he concludes. “And by the way he said it, I knew how he was feeling, because I’ve said that so many times myself, and I could tell that I was inconvenien cing him, because he was real- ly in a hurry.” Then he pulled out his cell- phone, eagerly pointed its camera, and…nothing. “The battery was dead. And I felt so small. And I was like, ‘Fuck! This is so bogus!’ “But I get it. I get it when people get excited about seeing celebrities. Because I get excited, too….” Appearing 7/14 at Chicago Open Air Festival, Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL. july 2017 57