Illinois Entertainer July 2017 - Page 46

Continued from page 44 book I Me Mine with characteristic wry humor. “I have suffered for this book; now it’s your turn.” Spouse Olivia Harrison explains the irony of the tome’s title in her updated introduction, with a reminder that her spiritually-questing husband sought to release the idea of ego and pos- session in recognition of shared spiritual unity. She also describes the combination of irreverent humor and overflowing goodwill that produced the book, noting that the late Beatle’s words and music remain a source of treasured comfort since his passing in 2001. This updated version of the original 1980 publication has been substantially expanded to cover the full range of Harrison’s life and career. 59 additional song lyrics are included for a total of 141. More than 600 pages are packed with photos and reproductions of hand-written lyrics. Harrison’s anecdotes are included for each song. Lengthier pas- sages of conversation with Beatle associate Derek Taylor include thoughts on the Beatles, the phenomena of “My Sweet Lord,” gardening, time in India, Monty Python, meeting Ravi Shankar, motor rac- ing, and so on. Jeff Elbel 8 RIDE Weather Diaries (Self) When our rock heroes reform to make new music after decades, fans must remem- ber the odds of success are exceedingly low. There are exceptions to this rule (The Church, The Soft Boys, Dinosaur Jr), but Ride is mostly roadkill on the highway of failed creative reunions, and Weather Diaries is stuck on a bloody tire ridin' on down that road. Kudos to co-writers/founders Andy Bell and Mark Gardner for a [Z[Y\[\[ۈXY[XX\قH\ ۜY\YۙHH\وBY^H[ۙY\[[وH]H œ\YH NNL [X^[\KZ\]\]\X[]HY[XYHHB[ YX\[[\][Hق P^]]X[\\ܝB\Xˈ[ܝ[][H\XY][[ۂ[[H\H\[HY[X[\\BܛY\[وX\[ۚY\][ BH\K\H\H^\[ۜˈ[B[Y\\YHXY[X]H[[[XY[\[ۚY\[[Hو\\HX^H[K[H[\H][[X\\][\Y[[HYX\[܈X\\B[X[]K۝\[YH܈\[Z\XXZ[]]\X[\X[HYH]وH][[ۈ\[ZH^KHۙH\ݙB [[\[\Z[\H[H Mœ][ۙY [\H[ݙ\H ^YX\][[ۋۙ[YH[[Z[H[[Y\HH]\ٚYY ]X]\X\Y\ۉ[\\[\Y \X\[ M]]ܚXY¸$\ۂBLHXHYK[]\\HY][ۂ\[ B\YX\X\H []\\BوL&\HXHYKH\\\&Bۙ[\\]\]X]H\ X]\[\ܛX[\وH[[[K[[YY[X]HH[8&\8'\\ۙ'H\HH]وZ\Y\[Y[B]\\\[^H[[] X[H[]H[]ܛ]HY][ܛݙHۈZ\ ^YX\[[H]XYH[^H]܈B۝\\[ۙKHY\XYB[Y\H M\ۙ]]ۈHH\وY[\[X\ NN ]XY\ۈ]X\H\[HXܙ[\˜X\[[ H[\Y[] [Hܛ\^[ˈ[HوHXBYx&\ LHۙ\HX]\Y [ۙYHX\BY\]ZH8'YH [H[YHقݙJK8'HH[ZK[Z[Y[HB[܈[[HH[ܙ]XH\K\^HX[YH8'[^HB[^x'HH\[8'H['BHKZ[]\Hۙ^YY\[\\HHۙ\]\XB\YLۈH[\][ۘ[YK\\HZH8'\HHY]]H“[Yx'H[8'H[][&][]x&[H[ܸ'H\[YL\H[]YX[\[HY\YK[]]Y]ۈ[[HܛY]\XˈH\\[^H[[\[[[Y\]H[[\\]HYZ\܈\[\[HH[ۛ]X[ B[XYH[K\]XY]\܂][ N Yܘ[H]\ˈHXHYB[]H]XY\ۈ]X\H\[Bܘ[\\H]۝XX [\[Y\[Z[X\\Y\X\8'[\^Y\8'H8'[\[8'H['Y]\[˸'H\[Y]\B\Y\ܛHH\[[ۈ[[HBXHYH[H[Z[\^H]ܛBXYHۙHوX[XKۙH\™X]\\[Z^\H[\X]\[Y[]H[]]x&\ MXܙܙH^H\[ۈو8'Y[Z[[•۸'H]][H\HH\”[\[ X[[ܘYHYY'ۙHYH[\\x'H\H[[[[\K[Y[[\&H[Z^ق'[[[[8'H][ۙYHBۚX^\[Y[و\X[[[B\[XX[H[[Kۛ&\XH\™[Z[X\]H\[\H[ܙHXB[[ۙ[H[]\HYX\B\[ۈوHXHYH[H[ܙB[XY[\\وH[ܙ]XH\KB