Illinois Entertainer July 2017 - Page 42

continued from page 40 Dennison solo and band/J.W. Williams and Chi- Town Hustlers — Kingston Mines, Chicago; Nevalra/Beyond De-th/Cereviscera /Loathing — Live Wire, Chicago; The War and Treaty/Vender & The Cobras — Martyrs’, Chicago; Natalie Prass/Angelica Garcia — Millenium Park Summer Music Series, Chicago; Improv Night w/Sand & Spitballin’ — Quenchers, Chicago; Open Mic Monday — Red Line Tap, Chicago; Local Music Monday w/Chicago Farmer/Edward Davis Anderson/Alex Hoffer & The Prairie Ghosts — Rialto Square Theater, Joliet; ACLU Benefit w/Post Animals/Harvey Dentures — Subterranean, Chicago; Patricia Barber Quartet — The Green Mill, Chicago; Weeds Poetry Open Mic — The Hideout, Chicago; Porn and Chicken — The Mid, Chicago; Electric Sheep — The Owl, Chicago; TV Party 7/Open Mic — Township, Chicago. TUESDAY 11 Silent Film Night: The Lost World w/Jay Warren on Organ — Blue Chicago, Chicago; Tenry Johns/Claudette Miller — BrauerHouse, Lombard; The Special 20’s — Buddy Guy’s Legends, Chicago; Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses — City Winery, Chicago; School of Rock — Elbo Room, Chicago; Fidget Fest 2K17 — Empty Bottle, Chicago; Forced Into Femininity/Gas Mask Horse/Nervous Wrech/Joshe Henry — Fitz’s Spare Keys, Elmhurst; Toronzo Cannon/VoiceBox w/Cathy Richardson/ Open Mic — Kingston Mines, Chicago; Mike Wheeler Blues Band/Joanna Connor Band - early and late sets — Live Wire, Chicago; This Wild Life/A Will Away/Dryjacket — Martyrs’, Chicago; Red Moon Rising/Rosaries/Messiah Witch/I Am Warhol — Millenium Park Summer Music Series, Chicago; Grateful String Band — Quenchers, Chicago; Yuja Wang — Red Line Tap, Chicago; Mr. Blotto/Tim Seisser & Johnathan Marks — Rialto Square Theater, Joliet; Pete Galanis w/Dave Herrero — Subterranean, Chicago; Javier Colon/Leslie Dinicola — The Green Mill, Chicago; Stone & Broken Teeth — The Hideout, Chicago; The Fat Babies — The Mid, Chicago; Write Club/The New Zeitgeist/Rebecca Jasso/The Naomi Ashley Band — The Owl, Chicago. WEDNESDAY 12 Kolars/Crosstown/Laverne/Beach Bunny — Beat Kitchen, Chicago; JW Williams Blues Band/Laretha Weathersby — Blue Chicago, Chicago; Blues Jam Hosted by Rodney Brown & Hot Rod — BLUES, Chicago; Dave Specter — Buddy Guy’s Legends, Chicago; Graham Parker Feat. Brinsley Schawarz w/James Maddock — City Winery, Chicago; Mother Mother — Cobra Lounge, Chicago; Mr. Myers — Concerts In The Park, Geneva; Open Mic/Appetite for Rock N Roll Storytelling — Elbo Room, 42 july 2017 Chicago; Peter Lerner/Joe Rendon Latin Jazz Coalition/ Professor Louie & The Crowmatix — FitzGerald’s, Berwyn; Modern Day Romeos/Morgan Station Band — Glendale Heights Fest, Glendale Heights; Chicago & The Doobie Brothers — Huntington Pavilion @Northerly Island, Chicago; Big Break Open Auditions — Joe’s Live, Rosemont; Corey Dennison Blues Band/ Giles Corey - early and late sets — Kingston Mines, Chicago; The First Time — Martyrs’, Chicago; Hi Infidelity — Music In The Park, Lindenhurst; Open Mic w/Willie Max — Penny Road Pub, Barrington; Captain, We’re Sinking/Turnspit/Distants/Merit Badge — Quenchers, Chicago; Joshua Bell — Ravinia, Lake Forest; In One Ear Open Mic — Red Line Tap, Chicago; Live Band Karaoke — Reggie’s - Music Joint, Chicago; Fernando Jones /The Blues Kids — Reggie’s - Rock Club, Chicago; Indiara Sfair w/Harry Hmura Trio — Rosa’s Lounge, Chicago; Monsta X — Rosemont Theater, Rosemont; Adam Ezra Group/Ed Quartet — Schuba’s, Chicago; Front Country — Space, Evanston; G Herbo — Star Bar, Chicago Ridge; Stepfather Gets Mohawk — Subterranean, Chicago; 28 Days — Summer Concert Series, Bolingbrook; Kyle Mooney Live — Thalia Hall, Chicago; Alfanso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan/Frank Catalano Quartet — The Green Mill, Chicago; Wasteland Jazz Unit/Developer/Andrew Scott Young Ensemble — The Hideout, Chicago; Righteous Vendetta/ Scattered Hamlet/Skinbound — Top Fuel Saloon, Braidwood; Aftersound/Moonwalker/Everyone Says — Township, Chicago; Wes John Cichosz — Wire, Berwyn. THURSDAY 13 Killer Queen — Arcada Theater, St. Charles; Bands TBA — Bastille Day 5/8K Run, Chicago; Blair Crimmins & The Hookers/ Bubbles Brown/Sanctified Grumblers/The Black Oil Brothers — Beat Kitchen, Chicago; Forget Hannah — Blarney Island, Antioch; BTS Express/Shirley Johnson — Blue Chicago, Chicago; The Muddsharks — Blue Chip - Rocks Lounge, Michigan City, IN; Corey Dennison — BLUES, Chicago; Pistol Pete — Buddy Guy’s Legends, Chicago; Blackened — CD & Me, Frankfort; Matthew Sweet w/Tommy Keene — City Winery, Chicago; Unholy Empire — Cobra Lounge, Chicago; Rock, Paper, Scissors — Concerts In The Park, North Riverside; Stoop Kids/Sandor & The Investments/She’s So Quiet/Westerners — Elbo Room, Chicago; The Thurston Moore Group/Pitchforck Festival Aftershow — Empty Bottle, Chicago; Suburban Cowboys — Fiesta Days, McHenry; Exposure Local Music Showcase w/Herbie Gaines/Ghose Ape/Human Being — FitzGerald’s, Berwyn; American English/Trio — Glendale Heights Fest, Glendale Heights; Stevie Craig — HB Jones, Elmhurst; Margarita Diosa De La Cumbia — House of Blues, Chicago; Straight No Chaser/Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox — Huntington Pavilion @Northerly Island, Chicago; Bands TBA — Itasca Fest, Itasca; Mississippi Heat/ Mike Wheeler Blues Band - early and late sets — Kingston Mines, Chicago; River Road Trio — Liberty Arts Festival, Morris; Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders/Hodie Snitch/Joe Wortell & The Ghost Valley Riders — Martyrs’, Chicago; Toto La Momposina/Xenia Rubinos — Millenium Park Summer Music Series, Chicago; Live on The Lake Feat. Jugo De Mango — Navy Pier, Chicago; An Intimate Evening w/Eva Ayllon — Old Town School, Chicago; Libido Funk Circus — PB&J Concerts, Kenosha, WI; The Phonographs/Parlor Voice/The Psychedelics/Nightcrawler — Quenchers, Chicago; SOB X RB K][[ XY^K[YZ8%YYx&\ HXXY[\Y8%]\\[\Z[\[\][ۂ%[[H\[[۝H[Y\Y[\Y\[%x&\XY]\[\HۈHYB[X8%Xx&\XY[][]Hۘ\[8%[و[[Y\\[ۈZY[[܈ۈ8%XK][ێHZY\\[X\H8%\^HX]\Y\[[KS[^YHX[H8%X\[X[XY[•YZ[8%[[Y\[X][ۋ\ۈ[^YHܝ\8%[[Y\ۘ\\Y\[ۜ]Z[X\X\XZ\8%[[Y\ۘ\\Y\[[HXZY\8%[[Y\\ ZYX[8%[[Y\[ٙX[\]\Z\YH][ۈ8%[]\YK[[۝\Z\”\[\]H8%\Hو\YK\YN[H8%\Hو\[۝ \[۝[H8%\Hو\[۝ \[۝[Z[H8%[XH[ XYX[ܞB[ۈ8%H\ٙXY[HۈZ]\Z[\[[ܙ\ۚZ[Y8%HܙY[Z[ XY][[H[K[\X[KHYX[ۜ‹ԛH[8%HY[] XYܙ^H[XқYZXY[[ ^Z[H][KӛZ HXYY\8%ۜ\ XYܘZ[H[H8%[\ܛ[ XY]YY[ Y[H[X\8%[]Y[\XYHZ^8%[]x&\Y\ێY\^H LۘH[X[XY[ B\[\K[\\]K[وX[H[X[8%\K\[QVH MY\ۙΈHۘ\8%\YHX]\ \\”[\ۙܚ]\[H[[H8%[Y[Kۙ\ܛݙNX^[Hۛ\8%\[H^HXYXYH[Z\XYY\ Y\H][[8%X]][XYݙ\X[\8%Yܙ] M[\ԛؘ[&B\8%[\ XY]]H]][ ԙY^YH8%\^H\[ [[XY[Y\[8%YBXYXY\[ ^HY\K]8&\]HZY8%YH\ HZXY[]KSY8%YB\ UY\XKZXY[]KS\X]\؞H8%QTXY[\XH8%HXY^ ^ ^[[]܈]\[\\H\X][ۈ8%]Y\\KX\^ZYY8%[\ܝ\[ێ[ZHYYH[8%ٚY[ٚY[“Z\\\HX]8%YH^x&\Y[XYMӚ[KB[Y[Ә\[H[XX\[Kԛ[&H\^K\YX[8%\ۑ\ \ێ\ԛ؈XYKYYY] X[[\[\Z[\H܂ۘ\]Y]][]Y]˂[^ Y\YZ H[[\\\H[ј[[[]\K՚[ZXZXYH[[K]X\[ Hܘ[Kܛ؛ јZ[\H[[K[܈Y]\8%XY[Z\\][[H\Y]Y]X]]Y][^BY[H8%]H[\KXYHX\ZX8%\[&\•]\[[ێ[X\ [[ۘKӝZK][8%؜BXY\[\۸&\[H[]\H8%ۘܙ]\X’[ XYٝ\\]YHК[XXKٙ\ M8%\H[Yx&\[][N]ۈ[KЙ[X\[ YX[ܝZ\KXH8%[KXY\\][[[8%[\HKXY[YTH8%Y\H^\X[N\\[Y\H][[8%]\[8&\\[“Z\[ޘHH[ [Y]܈ZH H8%[Yx&\YBK\\[NHޙH\8%[\YHX]\]ZY[X[HY[[&H[8%[[BZY\ [[HZYX\ ZHX\X8%\ YK\YN[[Hۙ\8%]\[]\ܘN\H\8%]\[Y]]H\BY^\8%QH\\[ۈZY\^H \[۞H8%Y]ۈ^\Y]ێH\]XX]8%\HوY\XY\8%[[ۈ][[ۈܝ\H\[ XY[\^HY[КYXYYH\Қ[[^HX[B%\\\ \[ۈZY^HY][X\ [[H8%]\B\ ]\N[[[\YHܜ[H8%x&\\XY[[ܛۚ[ [[8%x&\]K[[۝\8&\][H8%[YH[K\[H[[BۜوHY\қ[Hۛ܈Y\8%[ۈZ[\XY^[ܛ[8%X\H\\][ [ܜ\‘ܙX][Y[[[[HX]\]H[[H8%X\\&KXY]HۈHZHX] Y\ H[\]\HH8%]HY\XY\[ۈY8%Z&\”YZ[]\X۞H[]ܞH8%[^x&\]]XN[\[K\H \H[K\BڙXܜ[XZ^XZ [Hۋќ[YH[•\ۈ[ܙHܛ\ [X[H[\՚[H\\\‘[Y\[\]ۈX\ Y\XY[YH[H8%]ܚ]\X\][ XYܝX[ [\K\[X[8%Z[Y[\ Z[Y[ۙH\XXњ] B[[\Ҙ[Y\\\8%][XKZHܙ\\8%YYx&\ HXXY\]8%]\\[\Z[\\YH[8%x&\XY\B^\8%Xx&\XY][][\ۋZ8%X\\XY\\\H]\][H8%[و[[Y\\[ۈZY[H^[ 8%XK][ێ’[\]YY[8%\^HX]\Y\[[KSZ[H8%X\[X[XYZZH K[X\H8%[[Y\[X][ۋ\ۈ[ԛ8%[[Y\[X][ۋH]XY8%[[Y\\ ZY X][ԋQ[8%\Hو\YK\˜۝[Y\ۈYH