Illinois Entertainer July 2017 - Page 30

continued from page 28 Speedwagon/Don Felder — Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, Tinley Park; DJ Aaron Hodge — HOME Bar, Arlington Heights; Omar Coleman/Tributes to Metallica/Deftones/Korn /Chicago Slim & Friends — House of Blues, Chicago; Dispatch/Guster/ Esme Patterson — Huntington Bank Pavilion @Northerly Island, Chicago; Capleton & The Prophecy Band/Queen Ifrica & The Rhythm 2000 Band — International Festival of Life @Union Park, Chicago; Maggie Speaks/Wall of Denial/There Goes The Neighborhood/Nothing Yet/Glen Murschel/School of Rock — Jaycees Hometown Fest, Palatine; Griffin Crowder — Joe’s Bar, Chicago; Chris Schrader — Joe’s Live, Rosemont; 7th Heaven/ Modern Day Romeos — Lakeside Festival, Crystal Lake; Bucket #6/The Fairlanes/Classical Blast/The Chicago Experience — Lions Club Festival, Mt. Prospect; Honchofest w/Rev. Norb & The Onions/Headless Honchos/The Demerits — Live Wire, Chicago; Black Diamond — Lucky Star, Bartlett; Lever/Playing To Vapors/When We Was Kids/I Made You Myself — Martyrs’, Chicago; Urbano Black Pride Party w/Serayah/DJ Unknown/ DJ Angel-X/Mz. Ruff N’Stuff — Metro, Chicago; Boat Drunks/ Whiskey’s Gone/Old Cool’s Band — Morton Grove Days, Morton Grove; Live on The Lake Feat. Tinsley Ellis/Beggars Banquet/ Hyperplane — Navy Pier, Chicago; Nick Lynch — Niko’s Red Mill Tavern, Woodstock; Hi Infidelity/Brock and Abrams/Generation — Northwest Fourth-Fest, Schaumburg; Hairbanger’s Ball/Chix Pix Stix — Oak Fest, Oak Forest; Trio — Pal Joey’s, Batavia; King of Mars/Flounder/Captain Coopersmith/Sir Mango/Talk To You Never — Penny Road Pub, Barrington; Whey Jennings/The People — Poopy’s, Savanna; Snooze/Sewingneedle/Haymarket Riot/The Tomblands — Quenchers, Chicago; Lila Downs — Ravinia, Lake Forest; Chipo Ratliff & The Dirtyblucrue/Charles Walker Band/Organic Soul The Eli Taber Band — Reggies Music Joint, Chicago; 88 Fingers Louie — Reggies Roof Deck, Chicago; The B-52’s/A Flock of Seagulls/Brother John/7th Heaven/ Common Allies/The Millenials/School of Rock — RibFest, Naperville; Big James & The Chicago Playboys — Rosa’s Lounge, Chicago; Bill Frisell/Thomas Morgan — S.P.A.C.E., Evanston; Jonny P/Devon Gilfillian — Schuba’s, Chicago; Northwest 4th Fest w/Hi Infidelity/Brock & Abrams/Generation — Sears Centre, Hoffman Estates; Speedy J/Jeff Derringer — Smart Bar, Chicago; Blake Shelton & Kelly Clarkson — Soldier Field, Chicago; Micheal Heaton — Southern Cut BBQ, Chicago; Bill Frissell & Thomas Morgan — Space, Evanston; Da Smart/ Crucial Conflict/Triple Darkness — Star Bar, Chicago Ridge; The Dance Mania Jump Off w/Steve Poindexter & More/Nothington /RG Lowe — Subterranean, Chicago; Keith Anderson/Juggling & Acrobatics Show/Brian Allison — Summer Nights, Brookfield; Zac Brown Band/Shinedown/Bleachers/Collective Soul/Blues 30 july 2017 Traveler — Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI; Members Only/Highwire — Tailgater’s, Bolingbrook; Artie Lange — Thalia Hall, Chicago; Order of Elijah — The Brick Lounge, Plano; Corey Feldman & The Angels — The Forge, Joliet; The Paper Machete/Clark Sommers Record Release/After Hours with Sabertooth — The Green Mill, Chicago; Radiant Devices/Big Syn/Erzulie/Hideout Dance Party — The Hideout, Chicago; Dash Berlin — The Mid, Chicago; Pink Talking Fish — The Vic, Chicago; Mark Taylor — Tilted Kilt, Bolingbrook; Rap Karaoke — Township, Chicago; Red Hot Chili Peppers — United Center, Chicago; Party Obvious — Uptown Lounge, Chicago; Too White Crew/Get Up With The Get Downs /The Remedy/To The 9’s — Windy City Ribfest, Chicago; Jolly Korea/Acceptor/Black Bear Rodeo/Oops — \K\[‘XY \[H8%ܚY^HY[ XY˂SVH SBXYX]H]^HY[ۈ\K][ӛܝ\8%X]][XYH[\[\Y\YYXHڙX8%Y\\[]HY\XYX]Y8%\^H\[ [[XY[Y\[%YHXYXY[[&H[ZH H]Y¸%YH\ HZXY[]KSۛYHX X\Y[ˈ8%QTXY[H[H8%]Y\\KX\[[ Ә\[H[XX\[H8%[\ܝ\[ێ[\H[YYK[][Y8%X]KXYZXY[8%X]K[[۝]H[ H[\\X[[Y\8%YH^x&\Y[XYH\\8%[Y۞H\X]ێԛ8%\Z[&\”]X\\[[^[H[X[\ҙ\H][\۞B]] [[[[H]] \H[\ZZH[%[]]\X\][Xۈ\XYB\]\8%]H[\KXY[ٛܝ\[ ’Y][Y\X[Y[ۈ[8%ۘ\ۈHܙY[[ٛܝ•H[H[[8%^[&\X[^H\ܛݙ\[\ۂН^Y[[YH8%[KXYX\X\ X\ [ۜH\X[8%[\HKXY‘Z[Y[8%][[]N\YYHKԛY\ H[\\Z\ԛ؈[ܜ[ M“[Kҝ[\H\ ә^Y\^H[8%^Y\BY\\][ \N ͝[X[[Y\X[]\X\][[HXԙ]^]۸&\Y[[[ X]]\\˜XY\ˋH[ۚY\ѝ[Y\K]XМ]\YB[[[HY[ [ N[X\ М]]K]]Y[\\وH[\ ԛۈ^\]KҘX]YP\NZHZ[K\Zܙ\\X[X[ қۈYBܘZ[KH\ۙ\\^HY Hۙ^]ۙ\”X[\[\ۈ HXH8%]\[8&\\[X”[ٚY[ КY[XKԘY[\H8%۝Y\^\\][ \[ۈZY[\ۙH8%ܘ[XܚXH\[[[X\[؛\8%ܙY[[^H][[K[ݙ\\[Z[ ^H[[[8%\HوY\XY LKә]]XH[8%[[ۈ[”][[ۈܝ\H\[ XYZ[\\X\[ۈ[ BY\][[ۈ \]\[۞H B][]ܜ8%[\][ۘ[\][وYH[[ۈ\XY“ZZH K\[\]KY[\H[8%^XY\’Y]ۈ\ [][N[^H[^[\Y\[ ]Y]HZ[\Y\[ Y\[H8%[ۈZ[\XY[Y[YH8%[[ XY[[]K[[B\X\H[و8%[ۜ[YB\][ ] XZXY[X\[ X[Y]B\[[Z[]܈8%[ܝۈܛݙH^\[ܝۈܛݙN]HۂHZHX] ۈو]\XΈH[\[\Y\YYXHڙX8%]HY\XY]8%Z&\YZ[]\ X][H[\•XY\8%ܝ\\ Q\ ][X\HH[Y \[8&\ZYۋH^ܛ\ Y[XܛݙKLZ\¸%Z\ Zܙ\]\XH[X^XZ[ܚ[ۈH8%[HYX\[ێ H] Y[XH8%x&\][N[ ^H8%ܝو\^K[[\ۈ\”^\Ӛ[\ ؛8%]Y[\XYHXX\H[\][ۜ8%][XKZHܙ\[[^B[[ۈ H\[[8%Y[H\ XY“ۛHHۙ\ӘZY[\8%YYx&\ H]\X[ XYX]H[ [YۋHܞX[&H[Y\ Y[[]\ H\YH[\H[][ݙ\B[و8%X\ \\[NX\]\X‘\H[ [][Kқۈ8%]\YH\]\ܘN“ܝ\ \X][H[\՛XY\8%X\[KٙX[\]\x&[HYX8%Y[]\[ZN\X\\ZXY[\Y[K\]]Y8%X\\XY\[ܘ[8%]\]KXY“[HX[Z[[X[8%X\[X[XY]HY“ܘ\H8%[[Y\ۘ\ܛ[\[]HZ[\[ ]\[\ۋ[Hܘ[[Y\֚YHX\^KYXܚ\‹[H^H8%[[Y\\ Z[]ZYKNؘ[XY\ۙK‘YY[\8%[XH[ XY\ۈ]H[Kқ[]\ۈ[]\ܙ[X[8%HܙY[Z[ XY”YHY\\K^HY[\^8%ۜ\ XYH8%[\ܛ[ XY B\ۈ[ ۙHY[ [Hܙ[ H]\8%[H]HX\ XY ԔXX[HH8%\K\[SӑVH SB[Y\X[[\ М[X[\ۙHY8%\] و[H\ \]\Kӛ]Y\[ۈ8%\^H\[ [[ZH][Y\[ [Y]XH^[܈8%YBXYXY\[Y\8%YH\ H\\[\ZXY[]KS\[Y\8%YH\ UY\XKZXY[]KS\[H8%[\ܝ\[ێ”XH8%X]KXY\H[B%YH^x&\Y[XYH\8%]H[\KXY\\HHH۸&]^HXY8%؜BX[[\[\Z[\H܂ۘ\]Y]][]Y]˂XYY[YH]][L8&\\\8%\H[Yx&\[][NH[[Z[]Y[H\KPH8%[\BKXY ͝[Y\X[]\X\][8%]\[8&\\[ؘ\[ԛY\ H[\‘ܚ]X[[[ܘ[8%۝Y\^\\][ \[ۈZY”]H YH[X][ۈ[] ^[[ ZHBܛKԘX[ܚ[^T\8%ܙX]Z\][\KܙX]Z\ZXY[\\ӚX\\ۈ8%\HقY\XY[^HX[[H \[HX՚YH8%[[ۈ[][[ۈܝ\H\[ XYH\¸%[\[[H^H^]Y[K[[۝\^BXX\\[[[ܙH8%[\][ۘ[\][وYB[[ۈ\XYX]͋ҘZH8%^XY\Y]ۈ\ [][Nܙ^H[\ۈ[[ ҋˈ[X[\[KH ۈ\\8%[ۈZ[\XY[\H8%Z\YH\][ ܞ\[ZN X][\[\]H8%[ۜ[YH\][ ] XZZBKX\H\^HوݙZ[[Y\[[8%[ܝۈܛݙB^\[ܝۈܛݙNZ[Y[YY\8%Z&\YZ[]\[[]KX\X\XZ\8%Z\ Zܙ\[\^HY[8%\H[H\[N’][[H8%ܝYHX]\XY[\݈Y[ ][[&H8%]Y[\XYX[YYܙY[8%][XKZHܙ\[]\X]XH8%YYx&\ H]\X[ XY]\[^KH[\[YY][\Y\[Kܛ۞[ۋZZHY[\қ[Bۛ܋Y][ܝ ЛY\X\ М\وX][ۈ8%X\ \\[N[K\\[\H8%Xx&\XY”X[\Z^\H [X\H\H8%X\\XY•K]] ј[K[K[[8%X\[X[XYXY^ܘ\H8%HܙY[Z[ XY”ܛ[X[8%HZY XYY\[KY]X”[H8%ۜ\ XY XH Y]]\H8%[[[ۈܛ[ XY˂QTVH SBQ[XH[[8% و[H[X][ۋ[]\\KҚ[Hܛ[\ۋћ\K[[H\[B[[8%[[Y\X[[X][ۋ[؜[[[HY Hܛ HҘ^H\[ۈܙ[8%\YBX]\ \\[\K[H]YKԚX[H B[ۙ\X\Yܛ8%\] و[H\ \]Y[[Y H\[\[]XZ^H BY\XY8%Y\\[]HY\XY\H[[B%\^H\[ [[[H]Y]HZ[\8%YBXYXY[\8%[\ܝ\[ێ]B[\[H8%X]KXY]H[\[H8%X]K[[۝H\8%]H[\KXYXܙ]۝[Y\ۈYH