Illinois Entertainer July 2017 - Page 12

Ali our third album, and we’d had great (UK) success with our second album, Present that are doing music. I’ve got Kaya, who sings on Unplugged – she did the Chrissie Hynde part in “I Got You Babe,” and she’s been performing it with us live at the shows. And last year my other daughter Indica came and supported me with her band for a couple of shows in London and Birmingham. And Indica and Kaya are two names for weed, basically. And I never had a daughter named Sativa. But Hey – there’s still time. And all of my boys are musical, as well. They like making mix- tapes and my son Jack is a DJ. So yeah, 07•2017 Arms. So we took that opportunity to put out Present Arms in Dub, just to show peo- ple what dub was. And in those days, peo- ple didn’t know what it was. But lots of people brought the record back to where they bought it, saying, “This is faulty – it’s got echoes all over it and there are no vocals!” But we were still happy that we he ͡܁ݡЁՈ̰݅)͔܁Ո́ѡЁՕѥ)ѡѕɅ䁑ͥ)ݡݕ́́ɽՍѥѕՔѼ)-QՉ䰁ͥ)%eԁٔЁ̸!ٔ䁽a)ͅq!䰁L'eѕɕѕ)ѡ́ɕՙt) e啅'eٔЁݼ՝ѕ(ȁ͕ѕхȹձ)ѡeɔѕɕѕ)%%аԁՅݽչ)Ցq9܁iéЁQлt)!܁ԁѡЁȵQX) %Ё݅́ѕ䁉̸Qѡ)̰$ٔ9܁iݗe)Ѽ9܁iͥĸ Ёݔ)ٕȁѼЁѡɔLݔ)ݕɔ݅́Ёѡɔ她)̸͡Mݡ$݅́ɕ)ѡϊdݽɬ䁄ݕ)Q̰͑$ѽݥ́ѡɔ)ݔݕЁٕȁѡ)Ʌɥ̸$ձeЁɕ́Ё) Ё́Ё̰Ёɕ䁽䁕)ѼݡЁѡɽɅéаӊe)ЁЁхи%ӊéЁѡ)Uɥɼ5)ȵɽɅ$ѡѡeɔ)ɔѕɕѕѡѽ䁽ѡ)ѥ́ѡݡЁѡѥ́ɔ$)݅́Ёٔѡɔ)%!܁́Ёѽѡ)ݥѠȁѕ́) ]ɼѼѡ)݅́Ё݅́)ѡЁѡ͔݅́ѡ̃L)ѡЁ݅́ѡɕɕչԁ)Aݽձ݅́ͬѕȁ$ݕ)ͽqɔԁٕȁѼЁ)ѽѡȁt$݅́݅́ͅ她+qͽѕ䁹Їt Ёɼ5)$ѡݔѥєͽѡ)ѡɔɔ՝ɥ)́ѡѼ͕ٕ)UUɥɼ)5)%%ӊéձЁѼɥqI)I]tݥѡЁɿéٽ̸) eLɼ́ЁЁѡ)]ݕɔѡ)͡܁)ѡ́ѡЁ݅́ѡ)ЁѡѡЁ)L)ݕаqIɕݥԁͼ)tхѕɿéи)͔́Ѽ͕Uѡɕ)݅ЁѼȁѡɥͥ)ѡ̰ԁѡӊéᅍѱ)ݡЁѡ䁝ЁݥѠ̸)ɥȁЁI٥!Aɬ)Q1