iHerp Australia Issue 6 - Page 15

Paradox Ghost Zebra Jags, Caramel Jags and Sunglows! NSW breeder, Jarred Sharp, is proving that the Paradox form can have some heritability. I have produced Paradox animals from two sepa- rate lines. All have originated spontaneously, and were totally unexpected. The first resulted from breeding a pair of Caramel Jags that were 100% het for albino. They were predominantly Jungle, with some Coastal, and would have been lucky to have 10% Darwin blood in them. Their clutch included a Paradox leucistic Jag, which was half white and half normal. It died after about two days; I didn’t expect it to live because half its head was white, and so was the area where its lung would have been – a likely indicator of underlying problems. I kept most of the rest of that clutch, and later paired a Caramel Jag back to one of its albino siblings. This produced what is often called a reverse Paradox animal (really just a Paradox that’s more normal than albino, rather than the other way around). There was also a female ‘Sunglow’ (or ‘hypo albino’ – which tend to be brighter, with more orange than normal albinos) in that same first clutch. She proved out to be a ‘Superglow’ and I paired her in the season just gone with a Zebra het albino which shared the same grandfather. There were two Paradox albinos in her clutch, and both were also Sunglow. I have kept one; he is very heavily patterned, with one black eye and one red. My other form of Paradox popped out of an axanthic Coastal (from Wayne Larks’ bloodline) to Jungle cross about two years ago. I remember thinking at the time; that’s not normal! In the same clutch there were also Ghost Zebras. I paired one of these to a related animal this year and got two Paradox animals – one is a Ghost Zebra Jag and the other is a Caramel Jag. I will be keeping both of these. More Paradox specimens have been bred elsewhere from the same line. Above: Paradox Ghost (hypo axanthic) animal. Images by Jarred Sharp.