Ignition New Zealand August 2017 - Page 13

This does not mean the vehicles will be in any way inferior, but global platform standardised production always opens the door to aftermarket component based safety, performance, comfort or fuel economy improvements. This will always be the case for as long as automotive aftermarket companies continue to innovate, which has been the hallmark of their global success for decades. When it comes to the Australian automotive industry, the recent Federal Budget announcement of $100 million of funding directed towards manufacturing also helps as we head toward the future. Some of this funding is earmarked for the development of an Innovation Lab for the automotive aftermarket industry. This is testament to the universal belief that there is an exciting future that lies ahead for the automotive industry. You and all of Capricorn’s Members, along with the rest of the automotive sales, repair and servicing industry will take up the reigns of an innovative and exciting Australian and New Zealand automotive industry that is well and truly far from dead. Yes, we won’t be building cars anymore. But we will be making them more responsive, safer, stronger, economical and reliable. All the hype about autonomous vehicles only means that the car will come to you for a service or trade-in without a driver. Recent futuristic press articles even talk of flying cars just like those foreseen on The Jetsons cartoons of decades past. They will need to be maintained as well. CAPRICORN IGNITION AUGUST 2017 13