IGNITE Spring 2019 - Page 8

HOW IT WORKS STEP 1: SCOPE OUT TECH & AVAILABILITY Learn about each kit and see what’s available during different dates at AoPTech.org. If you’re not sure which kit is right for your curricular needs, the AoP Tech Team can help you find exactly what you need for your students’ skill levels and lesson objectives. STEP 2: REQUEST THE TECH & SCHEDULE PICK UP Fill out an online form requesting a reservation, and someone from the team will schedule a date for pick up. All technology is housed at the Brother’s House on Archbishop Carroll campus for pick up and return. STEP 4: PLAY! LEARN! GROW! For one or two weeks, the tech is all yours. Incorporate it into any and all lessons as you see fit. If you have any questions along the way, the Tech Team is always on-hand to answer questions and troubleshoot. STEP 5: RETURN THE TECH Eventually the fun has to end, but after returning the device and filling out a short evaluation form you can start planning what tech your students can try out next. STEP 3: PICK UP & GET LESSON TIPS Get a free hour-long tutorial on how to best utilize the devices for your lesson plans. A Tech Integration Coach will show you the ropes and pass on tips and tricks from other teachers to inform your experience. TESTING THE TECH WATERS… AND MAKING A SPLASH In addition to taking advantage of STEM resources short- term, teachers can use the lending library to test technology that they may be interested in purchasing, but are hesitant to commit to because of steep pricing or because they are unsure how effective it is in lesson plans. “You tested something and you love it. So now you can invest in it and explore deeper than you originally had planned,” says Devito. “That better serves both your curriculum and your budget.” The win-win nature of the STEM Lending Library is already apparent: teachers have booked over 30 reservations. And in accordance with the grant from the Archdiocesan Educational Fund*, the Archdiocese is planning to expand to a second library location at Lansdale Catholic High School this summer. “We are monitoring which items are being checked out and analyzing teacher feedback carefully,” says William Brannick, Director of Technology at OCE. “When we add additional libraries, we want to offer exactly what kind of equipment schools are looking for, while still providing tech support and trainings.” Eventually, AOPS hopes to grow the lending program even further. How large? Until there’s one library per county — enough to meet every school’s technological resource and professional development needs. 8 *The Archdiocesan Educational Fund awarded the AOPS Technology Department a grant in the amount of $32,000 for the 2018-19 academic/fiscal year. To learn more about the Arch-Ed Fund visit: archedfund.org.