IGNITE Spring 2019 - Page 6

Looking for new STEM Resources? This library lends a hand. Take your students to climb the Great Wall of China without breaking a sweat. Spend a few hours admiring the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and then hop over to the Amazon rainforest — all without filing a single permission slip. These adventures are possible through the virtual reality tool Google Expeditions, just one of the nearly 20 different technology kits that are now available to teachers through the new AoP Tech STEM Lending Library. Open since January 2019, the lending library offers a variety of learning resources that can be requested for one- or two-week time periods. The tech ranges from coding and programming to robotics and virtual reality (VR). For teachers, it’s an opportunity to apply science and math theories in practice across varied disciplines. For the students, it’s an opportunity to exercise newly developed skills in a fun, totally out-of-the box way. 6 Just ask Aileen Sabatini, technology teacher at Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School, and her students. They just spent fourth period in outer space. “My students were able to experience places and things, such as being on the moon and inside of a cell, that they would never normally have the chance to do,” says Sabatini. “They were so excited to use the new equipment. It has really sparked their enthusiasm for STEM learning.” TECH SUPPORT FOR TEACHERS New technology poses unique learning opportunities, not just for students, but also for teachers. But educators who aren’t quite on the cutting edge of robotics and VR don’t need to feel like they’re tackling these materials solo. That’s because every kit from the STEM lending library is supported by the expert AoP Tech Team. The Tech Team staff delivers ground level instructions to ensure teachers