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standardized test prep, or information about the core skills and responsibilities associated with a desired career path. Others, like the recent visit by Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at The Franklin Institute, are one- off. For these, students must register in advance, reserving their spot in an exclusive breakout event following a larger, school-wide presentation. “We ended up seating over 50 students. It was a powerful message of discovery,” Shane says. FUTURE LEADER: C O N W E L L- E G A N C L A SS O F 2019 Favorite CSL experience: Helping shape CSL’s formation over the summer Where CSL placed him? Bucks Workforce Program, where he’s learning tradesman work and earning certifications earlier than otherwise possible Leadership outlook? “CSL helped me even when I didn’t know what I was In addition to alumni speaking engagements and courses, CSL is a permanent space with resources for student development. There’s a computer lab, meeting areas, and more — available both during the day and after school until 5:00 PM. So far, hundreds of students have participated in CSL, with more than a dozen students already engaged in internships or other work opportunities. going to do. It’s setting me up for a good job that I’ll love doing.” RECENT CSL “Careers in Healthcare” Seminar where students learned about what it takes to be a nurse, PT, or EMT Interested in launching a student leadership initiative for your school? Shane offers his advice: A semester-long character and leadership course sponsored by the Travis Manion Foundation culminating in a group service “Dedicate someone full time to the space and the programming. And most importantly, listen to your community — students, faculty, and alumni. They will be your biggest assets!” project at the local emergency housing shelter Inspiration from Kelsey Tainsh, who overcame brain tumors to excel in athletics, academics, and business Freshman and junior physics lessons from Sean McHale, AOPS grad and a mechanical engineer for SES Satellites “Pizza with the Graduates” event where seniors shared lunch with recent CEC grads for college lifestyle advice A religious lesson about Jesus’ role in a world defined by selfies, by CatholicPhilly.com editor Gina Christian 23