IGNITE Spring 2019 - Page 22

TO LEAD Inside Conwell-Egan’s New Leadership-Focused Student Space No child is born a leader; it takes coaching, direction, and inspiration to guide students into lifelong careers. FUTURE LEADER: C O N W E L L- E G A N C L A SS O F 2019 Favorite CSL experience: Meeting James Schurr, Class of 1986 Where CSL placed him: Verve consulting internship, where Jackson is practicing the values of professionalism, punctuality, and owning mistakes Leadership outlook: “I was able to see how a real business operates. CSL has set me up with a better resume and opportunities for more prestigious internships.” 22 And that’s exactly why Conwell-Egan Catholic High School opened a Center for Student Leadership (CSL) in Fall 2018. Run by Shane Roxberry, the CSL is a dedicated space where students can meet and learn from alumni and other leaders to establish their professional networks, jump into internship opportunities, and hone their understanding of what it takes to succeed in various fields. Some CSL programs are ongoing workshops where students receive résumé writing advice,