IGNITE Spring 2019 - Page 2

Finding Inspiration in Collaboration PAGE 3 - 5 A Green Space of Their Own PAGES 6 - 8 Looking for New STEM Resources? This Library Lends a Hand PAGES 9 Learn New Ways to Grow Your School PAGES 10 - 13 Doubling Down on the Arts… for 25 Years PAGES 14 - 15 For Their Victory Lap, These Schools Joined Forces to Give Back PAGES 16 - 18 Pennsylvania’s First Catholic Unified Bocce Ball Team PAGES 19 Submit Your Story PAGES 20 - 21 Shaping Good Samaritans with STEM PAGES 22 - 23 The Need to Lead 2 As educators, it’s easy to fall into predictable patterns: Build the curriculum. Meet with parents and students. Close out the semester. Then repeat. But when this rhythm becomes too familiar, it can become limiting. That’s why this issue of Ignite features AOPS educators expanding their routines with new partnerships and perspectives. By collaborating with community leaders, local alumni, and even fellow schools, they’re opening the door for students to see and serve the world in new ways. For example, Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast High School is teaming up with local agriculture experts to create a community garden — fusing science, service, and practical skills. Students from Archbishop John Carroll High School and St. Katherine School are joining forces to form the state’s first Catholic Unified Bocce Ball team — drawing surprising support. And the four 2018 National Blue Ribbon Schools Award winners of Bucks County recently came together for a special kind of celebration — using their spotlight to give back to the community. It’s true that today’s technology makes it easier than ever for educators to be self-dependent, plucking ideas and inspiration from the farthest reaches of the world. But as these stories show, the most eye-opening experiences often begin with teamwork — bringing together our very own schools and communities.