IGNITE Spring 2019 - Page 15

Making an Impact My favorite part was seeing how happy the people were at the New Britain Food Larder when we delivered all the items that we collected. Colby Micheels, eighth grader at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel We serve visitors who are down on their luck and struggling to feed their families. Our shelves are now full with lots of selections that these schools supplied. Dottie Rimmer of the New Britain Church Food Larder Learning a Bigger Lesson A Celebration of Collaboration Working with three other schools gave spirit to this program. We each took a piece of the coordination — creating the flier, writing the press release, coordinating deliveries, or designing the logo. Everyone helped out, and it really came together. Pat Kerwin, Director of Institutional Advancement at St. Jude Combining our talents and passions for Catholic education was an unforgettable experience. We are not competing with each other — we are working together to strengthen the mission of Catholic schools. The students talked about the joy in their heart that they felt from this experience & many gained confidence in wanting to take on a project of this type themselves. Kathy Williamson, Director of Institutional Advancement, St. Joseph/St. Robert School The students were amazed at how many people cannot afford to buy food for themselves. It was a real eye-opener. Sr. Elizabeth Marley, RSM, Principal at St. Jude I enjoyed counting all the goods we collected. It really helped me get a sense of how much we can all do when we work together. Hannah Buckleman, eighth grader at St. Joseph/St. Robert Michelle Stetler, Director of Institutional Advancement at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Carrying Momentum Forward Kindness inspires kindness. Other schools have already contacted us asking how to get involved next year. Daniel Clifton, Director of Advancement at St. Katharine Drexel We would like to continue the tradition and join with the other two Bucks County schools who earned the award prior to this year. Good news like this needs to be shared! Sr. Elizabeth Marley, RSM, Principal at St. Jude 15