IGNITE Spring 2019 - Page 13

Advancing a Multi-Generational Mission With a 25-year commitment to its PAFA partnership and a four-phased plan for long-term investment in the arts and other extra-curricular pursuits, Roman Catholic is taking the long view on what it means to engage its students, other schools, and the greater Philadelphia community into the city’s thriving art culture. Its combined programs are connecting professional artists to talented youth, who go on to become artistic leaders and teachers in their own right, and who return to PAFA and Roman Catholic to give back and continue the cycle. Bongard strongly believes that this cycle promotes a different type of thinking, one that reinforces the mission of Roman Catholic, as well as of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. “Artists teach us, by their craft, to see and experience the transcendent. Education in the fine and performing arts teach students about beauty — and beauty draws us to God.” With plans to attend Temple University as a dual Fine Arts/ Business major, Adam puts in the maximum possible time into his school’s PAFA partner program. Adam attends all four of PAFA’s 2-hour afterschool courses: Still Life, Oil Painting, Illustration, and Life Drawing — although he admits pen and pencil illustration is his best, and favorite, medium. As for the biggest lesson Adam has learned so far? “In art, you can’t get too hung up on the expectation of your finished project. Go with the flow of your artwork and remember — there is no shame in starting over.” 13