IGNITE Spring 2019 - Page 11

Building New Space for Creative Pursuits “In many educational institutions, when budgets are tight, the arts are the first programs to be cut or eliminated,” says Father Joseph Bongard, President of Roman Catholic. “But here, our mission is to educate the whole person.” Bongard, his faculty, and the student body have a lot of proof to back up their school’s proclaimed support for the arts. Last fall, Roman Catholic completed its $6 million Howard Center for the Arts, a building wholly dedicated to fostering student’s artistic endeavors with more focused, more modern classroom space. “There are many areas of the Howard Center which are well- received: a spacious band room, three sound-proof music practice rooms, a digital media studio, and our versatile black-box theatre,” Bongard says. Other spaces, from computer-aided-design (CAD) stations and the digital photography and videography classroom, give students additional options for exploring their talents. $6 million is just the beginning... While a revitalized arts program would be a massive boon to any school, The Howard Center for the Arts is only the first of four upgrades outlined in Roman Catholic’s $25 million Vision of a Promise plan. Here’s what Roman Catholic’s full 21st century campus update plan looks like: I. The recently completed Howard Center for the Arts II. A new STEM-focused building, complete with modern laboratory facilities III. A 12,000 seat field house and track, promoting continued athletic success IV. Repurposing the current gym to create an auditorium and full chapel Learn more about the $25 million Vision of a Promise plan here. 11