IGNIS Winter 2017-2018 - Page 8

IGNIS Young Reporter by Daniel Dipper age 14 Iceland is a country usually chosen by many schools as their number one place to go for a geography trip, just like my school. This is simply because Iceland is a country of sheer beauty and bursting at the seams with geographical features – from glaciers to geysers and geothermal power stations. This is what makes the country so unique – not many countries can boast of being such a geographically active place, nor can many countries brag about being in both Europe and North America at the same time! The first site we visited on our trip to Iceland was the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a lake of water heated by geothermal power stations. The Blue Lagoon’s water also contains lots of minerals which are good for your body and you can even buy these to take home (at the equivalent of about £10 a bottle!). The algae in the water give a distinctive smell of sulphur and you can even get face masks of these. The current Blue Lagoon is purpose built in the middle of a lava field – the first one was actually a mistake created by a waste product of a geothermal power station in 1976 which, by the early 80s, had a reputation for being good for the skin. These skin products are being researched on site as well. Relaxing in the Blue 8 IGNIS