IGNIS Winter 2017-2018 - Page 19

gious – Pass It On! By Francesca Glover, aged 13 LINKS Maybe you are a bit shy about dancing for kindness, or a little too afraid to hand out kindness cards. How about creating Kindness Calendars though? All too oft en we are focused on “getting”. Kindness calendars turn this around and base your days on giving. The giving doesn’t have to be big. Oft en it is giving just a small amount of your time to someone, or even yourself. Think quick, easy and inexpensive but most of all think about how your actions have an impact on the people around you – think kindness. Then watch this video which explains the science of kindness. youtu.be/FA1qgXovaxU Why not create a kindness calendar for yourself? Make the world a kinder place one day and one act at a time. Random Acts of Kindness www.randomactsofk indness.org/printables Kindness Crew www.kindnesscrew.com.au/images/pdf/calendars/JC- AdventCal-A4-Family.pdf www.awarenessdays.com Maybe it isn’t essential to know when it is National Katsu Curry Day (September 28th), and perhaps you’re not that keen to remind your parents that October is International Walk to School month, but how about Human Rights Day (December 10th) or Young Carers Awareness Day (January 26th)? Awareness Days UK is a website devoted to information about celebration of important days, if you want to know when to appreciate squirrels, have a smile day, support great causes, or have a fantastic Winnie The Pooh Day, and perhaps include it in your Kindness Calendar, then this is the website for you! IGNIS 19