IGNIS Winter 2017-2018 - Page 14

IGNIS Young Reporter Christmas Day is celebrated by many with a religious service, presents and a great feast. Chicken and turkey are the most common meats and are oft en served with cranberry sauce, gravies, stuffi ng and roasted vegetables. Eggnog, mulled wine and cider are considered the most seasonal drinks, eggnog being the most popular. Gift giving at Christmas time comes from the idea of Christmas being a time for goodwill and generosity, although the message has become completely commercialised. It goes back to the Victorians, who “reinvigorated” Christmas. The Victorians were a nation of manufacturers, industrialists and shopkeepers, so Christmas was exploited for commercial reasons. According to a Victorian magazine from 1881, Christmas was already about sales: “Christmas cards in almost every window…from everywhere have these pretty little tokens of goodwill…been peering out and seeking the attention of the passer-by.” The desire to buy material goods was increasing and has done so all the way to 2017. 14 IGNIS