IGNIS Summer 2017 - Page 7

IGNIS Young Reporter and a link to the license terms but it will be made plain in the FAQs or in their terms. If you are trying to seem more professional, plan your video properly. Perhaps create a short title sequence or have fancy transitions between video clips; however still try to aim for 15 minutes maximum (most people’s attention span). Plan each scene or each section and make sure each section has a nice transition so the video doesn’t seem sharp. You don’t need a script but do your research and try to keep your audience engaged. Showcase something you’re good at or about something you find interesting. Have fun though and don’t take it too seriously! inspire them. It’s a great way to tell a story that may never have been told before. Make sure YouTube ignites your passion and the videos don’t bore you, then use it to share what you love. Filmmaking is a great tool that I really enjoy and is cheaper and more accessible than you think. If you have a passion, share it with others and DO YOU MAKE VIDEOS? ....AND HERE ARE THE BLOOPERS! Send in your YouTube link to ignis@potentialplusuk.org to share it in future editions of Ignis. Embed video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLPGCJg4qfs IGNIS 7