IGNIS Summer 2017 - Page 5

IGNIS Young Reporter Professional Looking Videos WHAT YOU NEED: ➽ A camcorder, with or without tripod or a very powerful camera although be careful if you are on the move – buy what you can cope with/can aff ord to replace ➽ Professional video editing soft ware Corel VideoStudio or Sony Vegas equivalent ➽ Some Royalty Free Music I use all free music from sites like Incompetech or Silverman Sound Studios ➽ A plan of what you want to share From experience, a Canon digital camera for £75 is plenty po werful enough to create a good quality video. You don’t need to splash hundreds of pounds out on the newest Panasonic camcorder, just something that is preferably 720p or 1080p as a minimum (HD camera specs). Don’t buy something that you would be extremely upset about losing – out and about without a convenient adult to carry things equals a higher risk your camera could get broken. Also, don’t spend thousands on the newest Adobe suite if you don’t want to. Corel VideoStudio at £60 does the perfect job – I have used it for three years and have to say it is very good for everything I have needed it to do. Windows Movie Maker however doesn’t really do the job for IGNIS 5