IGNIS Summer 2017 - Page 4

IGNIS Young Reporter by Daniel Dipper age 14 Making YouTube Videos Online video sharing has never been bigger – especially on YouTube. There are videos out there on subjects from Minecraft gameplays to how to wire a plug and just about everything in between. For two years I have been making videos on my channel and here is my guide to creating your own videos. Amateur Videos WHAT YOU NEED ➽ A phone ➽ Windows Movie Maker or equivalent free video editing soft ware ➽ Something you want to share This is a short video of my lighting: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g856pM2hj8. 4 IGNIS That is simply it! You don’t need any fancy cameras or the newest video eff ects tools, just something that you want to share or are passionate about and your phone. You may not even need video editing soft ware if it’s just a clip of you drawing or watching an F1 race. As long as you enjoy making it, it could be about any subject matter. Try to keep your videos short (YouTube is kind of helpful as it has a 15 minute video limit unless you verify your account, although I would aim for 5 minutes maximum) and try to tell your story. You don’t have to have music or big explosions every two seconds – just be yourself. It would be worth planning what you want to show/say but you don’t need to learn lines (I never do and half the time just have the script in my lap). If your video is a little dark or shaky, don’t worry as YouTube has many great in-built features which can be used to enhance colour and stability in every video.