IGNIS Summer 2017 - Page 20

FIFTY. WORD ORIGIN: fīftig. PRONUNCIATION: fɪftɪ. DEFINITION: the cardinal number that is the product of ten and fi ve. Urban slang for Okay. What do you think of when you hear the word FIFTY? Send your entries marked 50th birthday competition by email to: To celebrate Potential Plus UK’s 50th birthday we’re holding a writing competition on the theme of “FIFTY”. Open to all young adults aged 11-18, we’re looking for original, unpublished works of fiction, non-fiction or poetry, up to 500 words in length. Young Reporter Hannah Mehr, an ambassador for Movellas, a social writing platform for teenagers and young adults will be helping to judge the entries. ignis@potentialplusuk.org or by post to: Ignis, Potential Plus UK, Suite 1.6, Challenge House, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6DP. Winning entries will be published in the Winter 2017 edition of Ignis and first prize is a gift voucher worth £25. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2017 Potential Plus UK (the operating name of The National Association for Gift ed Children) is a charity that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential* of all ages and backgrounds.  This includes children who have been identified as Academically More Able within the school setting who have the potential to achieve in a wide range www.potentialplusuk.org of academic subjects, the arts or leadership, those who are Dual and Multiple Exceptional (high ability  coupled with a disability or learning diffi culty) and the profoundly gift ed. Our aim is to enable every child with high learning potential to grow in confidence, thrive and achieve fulfilment. *This is the term preferred by Potential Plus UK POTENTIAL PLUS UK T 01908 646433 E amazingchildren@potentialplusuk.org A Suite 1.6, Challenge House Sherwood Drive, Bletchley Milton Keynes MK3 6DP CHARITY NUMBER 313182