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Welcome to the Summer edition of Ignis April 2017 saw the 50th birthday celebrations for Potential Plus UK kick off in earnest. Our writing competition based on the theme of 50 continues with a closing date of September 3rd; Francesca Glover shares her favourite moments of the birthday weekend; Daniel Dipper tells us how to create YouTube videos and Melonie King poses a few questions for our Wonder Wall. We get fidgeting, a little environmental… and of course there’s our Procrastination Zone! YOUNG ROOTS chivists, Calling all Budding Ar rs Explorers and Curato about the heritage of How much do you know of Gifted and Talented Potential Plus UK? Or like to fi nd out more in the UK? Would you d share your fi ndings about your heritage an even an exhibition? in articles, videos and 5 year olds to lead a We’re looking for 11-2 Plus UK members of project with Potential ys think of the many wa all ages, helping us to d share our story. we can discover, tell an th this fascinating If you’d like to help wi ntact Zuleika at project then please co ialplusuk.org zuleika.gilby@potent In this issue: 3 The Wonder Wall Melonie King 4 Making YouTube Videos by Daniel Dipper 8 To Fidget or Not to Fidget – That is the Question 12 17 18 How Eco-Friendly Are You? The Procrastination Zone 20 50th Birthday Writing Competition Potential Plus UK’s 50th Birthday Weekend Konnichiwa by Francesca Glover Editor: Geraldine Glover Design and art direction: Max Plathan Address: Potential Plus UK, Suite 1.6, Challenge House, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6DP Tel: 01908 646433 Email: ignis@potentialplusuk.org Copyright 2017 Potential Plus UK. All rights reserved. IGNIS is published by Potential Plus UK (the operating name for The National Association For Gift ed Children). Should you wish to use articles or other material from IGNIS we are happy to consider requests and will require full source acknowledgement. Cover photo: Gina Stock (aged 13) enjoying the Microsoft Hololens at PPUK's Birthday Weekend Celebrations. 2 IGNIS