IGNIS Summer 2017 - Page 16

THE TREE CHARTER Another great way to help the environment is to plant a tree. They off er a source of clean air, wildlife habitat, a place for humans to play and being among them promotes health and mental well-being. The UK is one of the world’s top consumers of wood products, however, at present, we aren’t planting enough trees to replace those that are lost in town and country each year; this threatens wildlife and the eventual extinction of some tree species. Not got a garden? Why not get involved with the Tree Charter which, spearheaded by the Woodland Trust, is leading more than 70 organisations in promoting and developing woodlands across the UK. The 6th November 2017 sees the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest. On that day a new charter will be launched – the Charter for Trees, Woods and People – which aims to celebrate the rights of people to the benefits of trees and woods. The simplest way to show your support is to sign the Tree Charter and for every signature received a tree will be planted. Unfortunately, the Charter cannot display the names of under-18 year olds, so although your parents can sign, you can’t. However, to get around this problem and show your support for the Tree Charter, under-18 year olds can print off the bare skeleton of a tree and get a group of people to create leaves for the tree. Each leaf is the equivalent of a signature and when the tree is full you send a photograph of it to the Tree Charter, who then register the number of leaves anonymously on the Charter itself, so your tally is still counted and your tree planted. You can find out more about the Charter and events that will be held around the country, or how to get your school involved at https://treecharter.uk 16 IGNIS