iGen21 February 2017 - Page 9

Hi, my name is Tyler, I am 13 years old and in 7th grade. I live with my Mom and Dad on “s/v Sail Pending”, which is a catamaran sailboat. (S/V means Sailing Vessel).

“Sail Pending” is a 2013 Fountaine Pajot, Lipari 41. She is 41’ long and 23’ wide. We moved aboard “Sail Pending” full time in October of 2015 and so far, we’ve sailed down the Eastern Caribbean Island chain from Puerto Rico to Trinidad.

In 2013 when I was 10, we took a trip down the ICW and this is when my parents taught me how to run Sail Pending and I’ve been operating “Sail Pending” ever since. At first, I get very odd looks from people on other boats and Dock Masters because they aren’t use to seeing a kid run a boat. After I get the boat secured and they see how experienced I am, I will usually get compliments. I hope to get my Captain’s license when I am 16.

Before moving aboard Sail Pending we lived in State College, Pennsylvania, USA and I attended CLC Charter School. One of the best things about living aboard is that I don’t have to wake up at 6 am and then go and sit at school for 7 hours every day. My Mom and Dad are my teachers and we do school work in the morning on the boat. I am constantly learning by living on the ocean, exploring different countries, speaking different languages and being immersed in different cultures. Another great thing about living on a boat is being able to jump in the water whenever you want and getting to swim with all kinds of sea life. It is a normal thing to jump in the water and swim with wild Turtles, Dolphins, Sting Rays, Eagle Rays, Eels and Sharks.

There are some down sides of living on a boat. You have to leave your friends and family and not talk to them for long periods of time. We also have to conserve water; like you can’t take a 30-minute shower everyday and your cloths can’t get washed every time you wear them. It is also very HOT! I am looking at our thermometer right now as I type this and it says it is 113 outside and 115 inside!

My favorite place that we visited last year was Martinique! Martinique is a French Island and I liked it because it has great food and nice people.The only down side is that nobody speaks English, so we had to learn a little bit of French to help us communicate.