iGen21 February 2017 - Page 6


Having animals is the greatest thing about nature. They give us eggs and lots of love. We raise labs and I delivery them all. Delivering babies is my favorite thing to do. Its amazing to deliver puppies, and watch them grow.

Rehabbing animals is a rewarding experience. I sometimes get a bird or turtle that needs a safe place to live and food until it's had some rest. Releasing them is hard, because I get attached to them.


Winter is amazing. All the winter sports are fun. But they don't last long and the snow is gone.

Snowmobile racing is a great sport, I love to go fast. Ice fishing, snow skiing and ice skating are just a few of the sports that the winter brings. Making snowmen is my favorite.

Tracking big foot in the snow is fun. I haven't found him yet. But the rabbits are still fun to track..


Riding bicycles is one of the funnest things to do in the country because there is always somewhere new to go. Riding motorcycles is fun too but on the bicycles you get to see more nature. Even in the rain I find things to do outside.

I play basketball in the rain, ride my scooter, and fish in the rain. The fish love the rain and are easy to catch while it's raining. And if I can't find anything else to do I go Bigfoot hunting.


Being active and getting outside is an awesome way to learn about nature and science. Staying active is good for us also. And no better way to get exercise than to spend a day outdoors. My advice: Try something new everyday. A new food, a new place to explore, a new bug or animal or just go outside and look around. Always something new.