iGen21 February 2017 - Page 5


I love to build things outside; building forts, tree houses, chicken coops and birdfeeders is so exciting becaue I never know how they will turn out, but being outside in nature makes it fun.

There is always a bird landing next to me or a snake coming around which makes for an interesting day.

Building things is so rewarding when you see an animal eating out of your birdfeeder or the chickens going in their new coop to sleep. It makes me feel really good for helping them.



In our community we help each other.

When I'm building something I may trade eggs for wood.

My funniest trade was when I traded a rooster for some baby chickens. About four months later two of my baby chickens started crowing like roosters. I love roosters so it was great for me, but my mom wasn't very happy. Some roosters will fight, can be mean and crow with the sunrise. My roosters were crowing early, so I taught them to stay up late so now they don't crow until 11 AM.


Here we start hunting at six years old and when you're 10 you can take a Hunter safety class, so you can start hunting alone.

Hunting class was so fun and they teach you all the rules. I also got to shoot many different guns. I enjoy bow hunting the most because it's quiet. I use everything I kill. We eat it and use the fur for projects.