iGen21 February 2017 - Page 44

It was on one fateful day when my family was busy… I randomly decided to challenge my mom to a game of Superfight, and if you don’t know what it is I’ll give you the short story.

I modified this game because I don’t really own it, but its still fun to play. As to how we play I role a 4-sided dice, then I choose a character depending on what number the dice rolls. For example, if I role a 3 then I have to pick one TV show character to fight with (the numbers are 1 for movie guy, 2 for video game guy, 3 for TV-show guy and 4 for book guy (or girl)) and let’s say I choose… Captain Pickard from star trek, the other player would role, after they pick a character then I would role for a weapon with the same dice so I could be Captain Pickard with Thor’s hammer. Then we would role one more time for an ally and then we would start.

All you do is explain why your character would win, then they explain why they’re character would win and if there is someone around to hear it, they decide who wins the match.