iGen21 February 2017 - Page 42





On hit Top or Jungle Braum

Now I know you don’t want more on hit things but this build is so fun. Braum with Wits End was always good, but what about with Bloodrazor and Titanic Hydra? This is a good build because after 2-3 items you can build health still not die and do damage its so fun. Also I’d like to point out that Braum’s Q scales off the enemies max-health, so you can build Blade of the Ruined King and it’ll be okay. But for those worrying about the Jungle clear, the passive makes it okay, and ganking isn’t hard with your W, because if I'm not mistaken you can use W on your wards and yourself. So if you’re not completely brain dead, the next build is insane.

On-hit Twisted Fate


Before you say “this is crazy, no way I’m doing this” hear my opinion, Twisted Fate’s E gives him a good percent attack speed so he can do a lot of damage with a high rank E, and even more if you combine W with E. Also the third auto E does percent max health damage to opponents so with Blade of the Ruined King you can shred anyone that builds health. If you’re worried about getting items, don’t because your passive gives you gold per second and it’s a decent Jungle clear so you’re okay the whole game. And ganking is easy when you hit level 6, and if you’re not level 6 then just run in and W.

If you thought this was crazy the next one is crazier so here goes.


Hybrid Attack Damage/Ability Power/Health SionMid/Jungle

Now that you know I’m crazy I can tell you that the long name is worth it. First off a fully charged Q does 200+ damage at level one, without building any damage. So the main build here is as follows, Hextech Gunblade, Rylais Cristal Scepter, Frozen Mallet, Ginnsoos Rageblade and any health items you see fit. This allows for the combo “Running Man” to take maximum effect, because your W scales off your maximum health and Ability Power, so when you have both of those and damage you can 2-shot any Attack Damage Carry (ADC). For anyone wondering what the Jungle item is, it is either Luden’s Echo or Cinnderhulk.