iGen21 February 2017 - Page 37

events during the week. We also had dances! There were dances for homeschoolers and online schoolers. It was my first dance and It was great! My friends that were still in my old school had a school dance and they hated it. They said they just stood around. I wish they were able to come to the dance that I went to. I danced insanely with my friends and had a great time! Plus, there were a bunch of sweets!

In this past school year, I started regular homeschooling, which is ,well, it can be whatever you or your parent chooses! I chose to follow Core Knowledge, because I want to meet the requirements of the grade level so I can go to college. But whatever you choose works just fine! I don’t have much of a schedule because I have a lot of activities, work around them.

but I worked around them. I feel that I’m putting more effort than in the past school year, but I still have a lot of room for improvement. I've been working on my sleeping schedule and have been doing my school work in blocks. This year, without due dates, I've been inspired and interested in new things like politics (due to the election), global warming, history, and writing! I don’t know if I would have had the time to learn the things I wanted to learn this year if I was still in regular public school. I have been reading higher grade level stories and books like Animal Farm, Gift of the Magi and of course a lot of writing! I've been watching a lot of news, participating in many family conversations, expanding my vocabulary ,to the best of my ability, and really trying hard to expand my horizons. I've even started writing my own book!

Eventually, I wanted more classes like lessons in creative writing, maybe a debate class as well as a book club. So, I did it! I started my own book club as well as encouraged my mom to put herself out there more! She created a debate club a math club, and she is currently working on a partial co-op! The co-op has a rec room for kids to hang out and has classes like creative writing, crochet, cooking, world studies and world cooking! It is taught by people with degrees within there respective subject. It's working out so well that the open house is this coming week! I am very excited to participate in classes there! I look forward to continue learning and not just what the curriculum says, but more!

The three biggest things I have learned through this experience is to admit your mistakes and use them as motivation. If there isn’t something out there that's perfect for you and those around you, make it yourself. And of course, never limit yourself to any standard, always believe you can make a difference by learning what you love!