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Homeschooling: scary, weird, over-protective parents?! All the things you might think of when you think of homeschooling. I've been homeschooled now officially since the start of the school year and I’m loving it! Let me backtrack a bit and enthuse you in the thrill of homeschooling!

homeschool so we thought about enrolling in an online school. We did a lot of thinking over the summer. I didn’t just do online school to run away from my problems. It was a mix of things and overall convenience. There was a local homeschool group that we joined and I made a lot of friends over that summer! Of course, I still had my two closest friends. I was never going to just say goodbye to them. We still saw each other every other week for GirlScout meetings and we had sleepovers often. The homeschool group I was in had a pretty mixed bunch of unique kids. It was fun to meet new people that weren’t so- perfect! Like me, I was weird and still am! I was always just into different things than others but, somehow I wiggled myself into the little clicks in school. Why? I have no idea. But it was a mistake that I still regret because of the choices I made to stay friends with them..

Online school started up and I got a free computer to use and a bunch of brand new books, it was great; for a while. Unfortunately, I let it slip. I fell way past the due dates for the work and didn’t know how to schedule well. I didn’t have the strength to actually sit myself down to do my school work for the day. The year was a constant struggle. I went from being regularly schooled to me getting to pick my schedule. I slept in too late. I watched youtube for hours before I even started to do anything. I was lazy. It took me to the end of the year to realize my mistakes. Yes, the workload was actually too much then I could handle. Maybe if I put in all my effort I could have learned more. I didn’t want to not be around kids. So I joined a drama group! It was in the same group I had joined over the summer with the friends I made. It was really fulfilling to be in a play. In the first play, I had a lead role! We met once a week along with a lunch day at the park or mall every other Friday. There was also other events, here and there, like chess club, cooking classes and library events during the week.

I'm 13 and in the 7th grade. I left regular public school at the end of 5th grade. I left for a number of reasons academically and socially, but no major problems. My parents both work from home and I love hanging out with my mom so during off school days we would do all sorts of stuff together. It was fun!

Of course, the time would come when I would have to go back to school. I had a rather hard time in class with distractions and a heavy workload. At the end of the year, I had a friend issue between my real best friend and some “popular group” friends. It was not the most fun situation and I just of wanted to run away from it. My mom started meeting people who homeschool and wanted to know more. We didn’t think we could just do straight on homeschool so we thought about