iGen21 February 2017 - Page 27


Finding a Name

Once there was a boy that was very nice. Everybody liked him. People liked to play with him but one thing was different he did not have a name.

One day the boy left his town and went on an adventure. The boy liked fishing and hunting with his dad. The boy was half way through the adventure when he realized that his parents where not with him. “Where are they”, said the boy? I thought they were with me. So after about five minutes of thinking the boy went to search for his mom and dad but he found himself coming back to where he started. So after an hour of sitting there the boy saw a bunny run by.

The boy went after it and he chased it and chased it till the boy came to a river. He saw a lot of fish in it. “Ah man, I did not bring my rod”, said the boy. The boy saw a stick on the ground. “Maybe I could make one”, said the boy. So the boy got the stick, then he saw a vine and he got that too. “All I need Is a hook”, he said. After a while the boy became hot and sweaty so he decided to go in the river. ”Ow!”, said the boy. The boy stepped on something sharp it was a fishing hook. The boy got out of the water. By then it was supper, so the boy caught some fish and started a fire and cooked the fish. “Yum!”, he said. “ I wonder why I do not have an name I will make myself a name.” So the boy did, his first name was John. “Honey there you are!”, said both his parents. His parents had found him! His parent’s names were Edna and Nate. “Mom, Dad?”, said John, “I have a name now”. “What is it?”, said his mom. “John”, he said. “Well that’s a great name!”, said his Mom. “Now let’s head home, John”, said his Dad and so he did and from that day on his name was John.!

Gideon is 10 years old and loves his sweet dogie, Daisy! He lives at home with his parents and two big brothers. He also has a big sister who is married and lives away from home. Gideon's favourite thing to do lately is climbing everything, anywhere. You will also find him creating vlogs...but that is another story for another day!