iGen21 February 2017 - Page 26


The Butterfly and The Lynx

Once upon a time there was a butterfly

who was very lonely. He wanted to go out

and meet a friend but his mom told him that

there were lynx outside so he stayed inside.

One day the butterfly got lost in the forest

and couldn’t find his way home. He wandered

for hours and hours but he couldn’t find his

way back. Finally he came upon a cave just

as it started to rain. He went inside and then

he heard a noise. He turned around and there was a lynx!

The lynx said, “Hello. What are you doing here?” The butterfly replied, “I am lost” in a sad tone. “Where do you live?” asked the lynx. “In a cave near a waterfall” said the butterfly. “I’ve been there before!” exclaimed the lynx. “Can you take me there?” the butterfly asked excitedly. “Sure!” the lynx exclaimed. “Yay!” the butterfly shouted. So the lynx took the butterfly back

home but on the way the butterfly realized that he finally had a friend. After the butterfly was safely returned home the lynx and the butterfly played a lot together and they lived happily ever after.

Photo Credit:

Glen Loates