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If you are considering getting a dog then I can tell you about one particular breed. This breed is called the Norwegian Elkhound.

They are very neat looking dogs. Their faces are usually solid black while their chest is light gray. Elkhounds have the curled tail common is spitz breeds. This type of dog has been bred to annoy moose with their barking, so that hunters can shoot the moose while it is distracted by the barking. However, this means that a pet elkhound can also be distracting to their owners.

When we first brought home our elkhound puppy he thought our green carpet was grass. He pooped on our carpet. It only took a few days to train him to use the real grass. Donut, our elkhound was easily house-trained.

A second thing to know about this dog is it sheds a lot and leaves fur everywhere. Sometimes when this dog sheds It looks as if it has just snowed and you can make snowballs “hairballs” out of this stuff. But these snowballs stop in mid air and float in the direction of the wind. If you can learn how to spin the fur then it can be useful to make yarn. Also, the fur can be placed outside and birds will use it in their nests. With this much fur around the house you will get creative in how to clean it up.

This dog can claim its territory and will call that a home. Our Elkhound claimed the spot three inches away from the fridge as his bed and this makes it very hard to get food. When someone comes in the dog’s territory, the dog will act as though its territory is being besieged.

This species of dog loves food. But who doesn’t? In my experience, when you have food his hunger for food grows to the point he will eat any unattended food. This dog will also eat non-food sources such as pencils, paper, candy bar wrappers, your cool crocodile pen, and plastic skeleton hands that have fallen on the floor. So if you get an elkhound, KEEP IT AWAY FROM LEGOS AND OTHER SMALL TOYS.

When you let an elkhound outside, he will charge outside. When this species of dog runs outside and back inside, he will not check to see what is in his path. The only way to get an elkhound inside after it has been outside for a long time is to tempt him with food. This will make your elkhound charge even harder and faster then he does when he is going outside. Elkhounds do not run down stairs. In my experience, elkhounds are scared of stairs.

So this is the UNOFFICIAL owner’s manual to the dog known as the Norwegian Elkhound, which was just voted the trendiest dog.

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Owner's Manual to the Norwegian Elkhound

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