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Doggie says ‘Woof woof!’ Kitty says ‘Meow, meow!’ Mousy says “Squeak-squeak, squeak-squeak!’….” and I drifted off to sleep. I was six months old, and this is how my mom would get me to sleep when we were in the car. (My aunt said she would kill anyone who made animal noises when she was trying to sleep!) I’ve always loved animals, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to do animal rescue work. I spend a lot of time researching animals, watching wild animals, and checking on baby birds in the yard. I love watching vet shows and learning about herbs to use for pets. A couple of months ago I got a big opportunity to make my dream come true when we rescued a pit bull named Lilly. This is the story of Lilly and her recovery through Paws for Herbs, my herbal healthcare for animals business.

One day as we were driving through the countryside on the way to my wilderness school we saw some kids on the side of the road with a sign chanting, “FREE DOG! FREE DOG!” Of course, being the animal lover I am, I begged my mom to stop and see what was going on. But, since we were running late, mom had to stop on her way back home - without me. Later, she told me Lilly was not in very good shape.

We decided to foster Lilly until we could get her into a rescue organization that would find her a forever home. I was eager to pick Lilly up as soon as possible, but the next day I opened my eyes and looked out my window to see a raging blizzard and a blanket of white covering everything. I had to wait an entire 24 hours longer before I got to meet her! It was the best day of my life when we climbed into the car to go pick up Lilly, even though I knew we’d soon have to give her up.

We brought Lilly right to the vet. They clipped her toenails that were so long they were curling and making it difficult for her to walk, gave her a rabies vaccine since she didn't come with any veterinary

papers, and gave us treatment for her fleas. Lilly’s belly was so distended the vets thought she was pregnant, so they helped us out with a free ultrasound while we held our breathes wondering if we were in for more fuzzy sweetness - and work - than we’d bargained for. Nope! No puppies. We think the distended belly was just part of her allergies along with her red, irritated, drooping, watery eyes.