iGen21 February 2017 - Page 21

Relieved, I realize it’s just my owner. She leans in, laughing. “Ha-ha, sorry I made you jump, little one!” As much as I love her, I can’t stand when she calls me “little one”. Why rub it in my little face that I’m so small, huh? I give her a small squeak, trying to let her know that I am not happy with her little nickname. As many times as she has called me that and always in response she gets an irritating squeak, you would think she would get the point, right? Well, no. It only makes her laugh harder. “Alright, little guy, I have to go to school now! See you later!” I groan and try to tell her to take me upstairs where I belong but it only comes out in a series of squeaks. She doesn’t hear. I sigh. Sometimes I just wish humans could understand us.

Nighttime falls again and I wonder how I am going to get up those stairs to host my party! I stare remorsefully at the stairs, wishing last night had never taken place. I slowly climb out of my little cage and waddle towards the giant stairs. My claws cling to the wood and I slowly pull myself up. “First stair, nine more to go,” I sigh. Repeating this process, I get up the first five, draining all my energy away as I progressed. Heaving out a huge breath, I continue upwards. Cling, pull, and repeat. Why is this so hard? Finally, I reach the top. I fall on my belly, breathing in and out rapidly as the first guest at the door makes known his arrival.

I climb up the door and open it and see, to my horror, Louie. He snarls, or at least what looks like a snarl, but could be a smile, and waves. I put a grin on my face and wave back, hoping I don’t look too nervous. He slithers in and looks around. “Haven’t been here for ages,” he slurred in his deep and threatening voice. “Yeah,” was all I could squeak out. After what feels like forever, I hear the next knock on the door. I happily open it and to my delight I see Daisy the gerbil standing there beaming. “Hi! Come in!” I smile. “Thanks! Oh, and by the way, how come you didn’t make it to my party last night?” She asks, still grinning. Daisy smiles a lot, I realized. “Oh, I’m so sorry. Something came up” I lie. I didn’t even know how I could get lost. That never happened…until last night! “Oh, that’s okay. Maybe next week you’ll make it,” she said. “I promise I will come to the next one!” I assure her. After conversing with the early guests for a few minutes, animals poured in, group after group. Parrots, dogs, cats, rats…you name it and they were there. “Wow, even more packed than last time,” I thought. I just hoped my owners weren’t going to wake up with all the commotion.

Well, my party was a hit! Animals left, talking about how great it was. This party is one everyone will remember, I think to myself, smiling. So, if you were ever wondering what your pets do at night, here it is in a nutshell. Just don’t tell my owners!