iGen21 February 2017 - Page 20

The Adventures of Bam Bam

Claire Zukowski

If you were a hamster, what would you do?

I, being a hamster myself, can tell you firsthand that nothing much really happens. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. In the daytime, anyways. You may not know, but us house pets have a lot going on at night. There are parties with neighbors, fleeing our cages to explore and every night escape our houses. “Where do we even go?” you might ask. The answer to that is EVERYWHERE! Each house pet in town hosts a different party every night. Miraculous as it may seem, it’s possible to go about outside as a tiny creature. Dogs can even get away with it most of the time. Also, something that may seem impossible to you is that we never get lost. Ever. Even at the darkest of times and in places that seem so identical to each other. Maybe it’s our outstanding sense of smell. We don’t really know either.

As great as everything may seem, us pets aren’t so perfect. We make enemies. Sometimes even the occasional fight. Mine, for example, is this snake named Louie. I don’t like Louie all that much. He looks at me like I’m going to be his next meal and it really freaks me out. You know, maybe I wouldn’t go so far as to call him my enemy because he’s actually a pretty good guy. But still, he’s a little bit scary. Oh! I just realized, I’m going to be late to Daisy’s party!

Oh no! Where am I?” I think frantically in my tiny little head. How could I have gotten lost on the way to the party? I crawl briskly, focusing and smelling as much as I could. Processing everything around me, I stop for a quick breath. My chest heaves in and out, my lungs gasping for air. “I really can’t keep running this long!” I squeak to myself. Then I realize I am wasting time and the sun is already poking out of the horizon. I start racing along the sidewalk and unfortunately my fur covers my eyes so I can’t see. Then I run into something hard. “Ouch!” I squeak. I try hard to focus on the blurry face in front of mine. She gradually comes into focus. “Bam Bam!” my owner shrieks. “What are you doing here…outside??” I squeak again, looking bashful. “Oh my gosh, look at all the dirt on you! What have you been doing?” I look down, suddenly realizing how dirty I have gotten. She cradles me in her hands and I lay down and fall fast asleep.

When I wake up from my deep, dreamless sleep, I am back in my warm, cozy cage. The events from last night suddenly come crashing back into my mind. I groan, feeling horrible for missing Daisy’s party. I notice my cage is in a different spot and not in my owner’s bedroom. “Huh? Where am I?” I wonder in my head. I realize I am in the basement. I have only been down here once or twice in my two years of living in this house. I stare at the basement, looking at everything with wide eyes. I unexpectedly see huge eyes peering in at me. I jump, taken aback.